Control4, developers of an advanced multi-product home control network, said Thursday that it now offers an improved operating system for Control4 installations called Smart Home OS 3 that will help smart devices of many brands and systems work together more easily and reliably through a simplified and customized user interface.

The upgraded Control4 Smart Home OS 3 was developed to help wide-ranging smart devices and appliances work together more easily and intuitively in a home installation. Further, the company said the improvements will maintain privacy and will give authorized installers access dependable help and support.

“Smart Home OS 3 brings thousands of new features on an intuitive user interface (UI) for one-touch control on mobile devices, touch screens, TVs, and remotes in the home,” the company said in statement announcing the upgrade. “Control4 OS 3 supports a broad ecosystem of more than 13,500 devices, and homeowners can personalize their smart home with filter views, view active icons for at-a-glance device status, and customize favorites that place Netflix front-and-center in the family room.”

Control4 OS 3 is said to have been built “as smart home infrastructure, OS 3 scales to the needs of the family, whether it’s a single-room entertainment experience or a whole-home automation system in a mansion.”

Control4 OS 3 will introduce “Favorites” that give homeowners the ability to bring virtually everything in
the home to the top of the room in the mobile app, touch screen, and TV, the company said.

This offers one-touch control and the ability to see whether the home is secure or lights are on anywhere in the home without tapping. Users will have the flexibility to prioritize the devices for each room. In a living room, the news station can be at the top of the app, where the over-island lights show up first in the kitchen view, the company said.

Users can press and hold to “Favorite a device, service, scene, or playlist in any room, and then drag icons to reorganize or delete them from the screen with a simple tap.

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Other functions include assembling whole-home dashboards for at-a-glance views of the most vital devices from any room.

Users will be able to easily see only the lights that are on, the blinds that are open, and the doors and
security zones that are secure, a necessary capability required when you have many
connected devices throughout the home.

Homeowners can personalize their system and tailor it to their needs as they live and grow with it, the company said. They will be able to edit or create smart home scenes, set schedules to automate devices, and modify how devices interact.

Eeach interface can be designed for the different ways a customer will use a mobile phone, a touch screen mounted on the wall, or a hand-held remote and a TV. Control4 said “the mobile phone is optimized for one-hand control in portrait mode, while the TV interface is focused on the entertainment experience from the couch.”

Control4 Smart Home OS 3 is available now through Control4 authorized dealers.

By Greg Tarr

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