Apparently streaming services like those delivered by your smart TV or streaming media player are connecting with consumers not only on an entertainment level but on a commercial one as well.

A new survey conducted by research firm Valassis of 1,000 U.S. adult consumers conducted at the end of January showed that viewing ads on streaming platforms carried more weight than ads presented on traditional TV platforms.

Some 69% of young consumers (ages 25-34) responding said they believe the nature of streaming media to be superior to other platforms and that connected TV advertising is more relevant to them than from other distribution sources.

Furthermore, among those queried, 53% said they use their mobile device or tablet to shop while watching TV on a streaming service, and this rose to 74% among those who said they are parents. In addition, 56% said they had cable and streaming TV services, 14% said they only had streaming TV services and 21% only had cable TV service.

Valassis said some 72% of parents said they had cable and streaming TV services, and 83% of parents said they subscribe to streaming TV services. Among 18- to 24-year-olds 28% said they only have streaming TV.

The sample also showed commitment to future purchases of new streaming TV services with 35% saying they plan to purchase new streaming TV services within the next year, and 21% are considering it. Among parents, 56% said they will purchase one or more streaming TV services in the coming year.

A third of the respondents said they watch one-to-three hours of streaming TV per day, a fifth watch three-to-five hours per day and 13% watch more than five hours per day.

Ads that are felt to be most effective are ones that are short and entertaining. Some 37% of consumers said the maximum length of non-skippable streaming ads they would watch was 15 seconds or less. Another 24% noted 30-second ads were acceptable, 12% said 60 seconds and 9% said they were OK with 90-second ads.

In addition, 52% said they were more inclined to research or purchase a product or service they saw on a streamed ad.

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Valassis concluded from the results that streamed advertising presents a great opportunity for brands to capture the attention viewers, and that the benefit to advertisers is never better than in a year like this where big events like a national presidential election and major sports are events are occuring that tend to drive up costs on traditional TV platforms.

The research firm said connected TV provides a opportunity to reach audiences by their interests, in-market signals, and location with digital precision.

Valassis said its reports supply key data to help advertisers capture these connected TV markets for their brands, with 52% of the audience showing itself to be more likely to make a purchase based on a CTV ad than a traditional TV ad.

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By Greg Tarr

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