Interested in a bright, clear high-resolution monitor solution that is easy to pack and take on the road anywhere you go?

A new startup, called Arovia, recently launched a crowd-funding effort on Kickstarter, to produce and market a collapsible 24-inch (16:9) DLP projection screen display designed to bring a full-size desktop PC monitor or tabletop video experience with you in the car, hotel room, boat, dorm or conference room.

Called the SPUD, the 24-inch display screen supports up to 1280x720p HD resolution and looks something like an inflatable CRT monitor, but is extremely light (weighing less than 2 pounds) and ultra-portable. Also, you don’t actually blow it up; The SPUD collapses like an umbrella to roughly the size and weight of a paperback book.

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When expanded, SPUD uses custom optics combined with DLP projector technology to produce sharp, bright images needed for video entertainment or data/graphics PC work. The unit’s battery will supply up to 3 hours of use per charge running at 225 lumens of brightness or up to 6 hours running 100 lumens.

As this was posted a pledge of $374 on the Arovia’s Kickstarter page entitles the contributor to one SPUD unit, which can be shipped anywhere in the world.

SPUD, which is based on three patent-pending technologies, combines a projector and projector screen but does not need dim lighting, a wall, or a long projection distance. The projection screen collapses when not in use and is said to optimize image quality while resisting screen wrinkles.

The display can be connected either with an HDMI cable or wireless adapter to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop for content source material.

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The SPUD screen pops-up into a full-form 24 display. When fully expanded, the device is 21 inches wide, 11 inches high, 14 inches deep.

The 24-inch 16:9 widescreen display is easier on the eyes than many tiny screen mobile devices. It is said to offer almost 4x more screen area than a 13-inch laptop screen, and 23x more screen area than a 5.1-inch smartphone.

The screen, which is made of highly durable flexible polymer won’t crack or chip, and is washable, the company said. Attached casing protects the device from accidental damage on trips.

In its collapsed state, the SPUD measures a diminutive: 5.64 inches wide, 2.17 inches high, 7.52 inches long, and can fit in a purse, backpack, laptop bag, or jacket pockets.

For work, SPUD can serve in an instant dual-screen setup to enhance productivity, or as a presentation tool for meetings, conferences and trade shows.

A special optical design enables SPUD to project a high-quality image over a much shorter distance than a standard projector.

Brightness levels can be selected from between 350-785 nits using a simple brightness dial.

By Greg Tarr


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