The HD Guru® made a second visit to his local Circuit City store in Hicksville, NY on Feb. 5, 2009 to check on the progress of the bankrupt company’s liquidation sale.

About one third of the original HDTV stock, then discounted by 10%, had been sold since the original January 17th  visit.  Now, signs posted around the TV department declared LCD flat panels 20% off  “original” price, while plasma HDTVs were now 25% off.

You may be surprised to learn that while the percentage discount increased from 10 to 25%, the actual “sale” price also went up!

How is that possible?  Circuit City’s liquidator upped the “original price” prior to increasing the discount percentage!  All but one of the HDTVs surveyed had been re-tagged with an “original” price higher by $100-$600 depending on the model.  The result?  In reality, the posted “greater” percentage discount produced a higher final price!

All Circuit City liquidation sales are “Final” and all merchandise is “As-Is.”  If you purchase an HDTV (or any other item) and when you get it home you find out it is damaged or it does not function properly it is your problem.

Manufacturer’s defects can be repaired under the manufacturer’s warranty but if the set is physically damaged, you are probably out of luck.

Below find the old and new survey results consisting of (from left to right) Circuit City’s  old pre-liquidation price, the 10% off January 17th liquidation price, the current  (2/5/09) marked price, the price after current 20%-25% markdown, and the price at the HD Guru’s Pricegrabber link.  Unlike Circuit City’s liquidation, most Pricegrabber merchants have exchange policies for defective merchandise and many have return policies, check with the individual Pricegrabber merchant for details.  (Key Pan=Panasonic; Sam=Samsung; Son=Sony)  Pricegrabber pricing listed is subject to change.

Make/Model 1/17 “Was/10%off 2/5Was/Now Pricegrabber

Pan/TH42PZ80U  $999.99/$899.99      $1299.99/$975    $869.99
Son/KDL46V4100 $1599.99/$1439.99 $1699.99/$1360   $1183.24
Son/KDL46XBR6$2799.99/2519.99   $2799.99/$2240     $1919.00
Sam/HL67A750 $2199.99/$1979.99  $2399.99/$1920     $1449.95
Sam/PN50A650 $1699.99/$1529.99  $2299.99/$1725    $1699.88
Sam/LN52A650  $2399.99/$2159.99  $2699.99/$2160    $1487.00
Sam/LN46A650 $1799.99/$1619.99  $2099.99/$1690    $1398.94

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