Unable to find a buyer for its money losing chain of stores, by order of the bankruptcy court, today (Jan. 17, 2009) Circuit City began the liquidation of all of its merchandise in the 567 remaining Circuit City stores in  the US. The HD Guru® visited the local Circuit City store in Hicksville, NY.  Here are the details.

All merchandise in the store is 10% off the yesterday’s prices (except DVDs, Blu-ray discs and CDs which are 20% off).  Unlike the previous liquidation Circuit City held in November 2008 when it closed 155 if its stores, today they did not jack up the prices and redo the price tags, the original price tags are still on all the merchandise.  There are two points to note, besides the 10% discount when considering buying anything at this liquidation sale.  All sales are “Final” and all merchandise is As-Is.  This means, if you purchase an HDTV (or any other item) and you find out it is damaged or it does not function properly when you get it home, it is your problem (no exchanges or refunds are permitted).  If the problem is a manufacturer’s defect, you can get it repaired under the manufacturer’s warranty.  If you discover the HDTV is physically damaged, you are probably out of luck, you’ll have no recourse with Circuit City because of its no returns or no exchanges liquidation policy.

Below is a comparison of Circuit City’s old price, the 10% off liquidation price and the HD Guru’s Pricegrabber price (here is the link ).  Of course, most Pricegrabber merchants have exchange policies for defective merchandise and many have return policies, check with the individual Pricegrabber merchant for details.  (Key Pan=Panasonic;Sam=Samsung; Son=Sony) Pricegrabber pricing listed is subject to change.

Make/Model         CC Old Price   10% Off            Pricegrabber

LG/42LG50            $999.99            $899.99            $849.95
Pan/TH42PZ80U    $949.99            $854.99            $869.00
Pan /TH42PZ85U   $1099.99          $989.99            $929.99
Pan/TH42PX80U    $799.99            $719.99            $709.00
Son/KDL46V4100  $1599.99          $1439.99          $1323.80
Pan/TC32LX85       $699.99            $629.99            $525.00
Son/KDL46XBR6   $2799.99          $2519.99          $1975.00
Sam/ HL67A750     $2199.99          $1979.99          $1646.00
Sam/ PN50A650     $1699.99          $1529.99          $1495.95
Son/KDL40S4100   $999.99            $899.99           $888.32
Sam/LN52A650      $2399.99           $2159.99        $1649.95
Sam/ LN46A650     $1799.99           $1619.99        $1477.00

Conclusion- No Deal!  Go with an on-line or a brick and mortar (B&M) dealer.  Inventories are still very high.  Pick the HDTV you want, shop on-line and if you want to deal with your local, regional dealer or Best Buy, make them an offer below the tag price.  In these bad economic times, the consumer is in the driver’s seat.

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