Over-the-air TV antenna manufacturer Channel Master is traveling to CES 2018 to bring new cord-cutting solutions to subscription TV-fatigued consumers.

The company’s latest addition is called the Channel Master SMARTenna+ (model CM-3001HD), which is billed as “the world’s smartest antenna,” offering seven virtual antennas in one device that eliminate over 90 percent of common receptions issues with indoor antennas.

The square, flat antenna measures 11.6-by-11.6 inches and is color black on one side and white on the back to help blend in with walls and ceilings.

The SMARTenna+ is the perfect compliment to the Stream+ HD-DVR and up to 4K UHD media streamer announced last month.

Read more about the SMARTenna+ and the Stream+ after the jump:

The unit is processor-enabled and uses Active Steering technology, which was originally developed for cell phone reception by Ethertronics, providing both automated and push-button scanning for channel-by-channel tuning from the seven different antenna configurations.

The SMARTenna+ has built in amplification and noise filtering to automatiicaly find the optimal antenna settings to receive available channels.

Users can further fine-tune reception of both VHF and UHF channels with a push-button control.

The company said the antenna will scan all seven antenna configurations in two minutes to determine the optimal setting to receive the most channels at the installed location.

Other key features in the SMARTenna+ include: internal low-noise amplifer, built-in interference filtering, up to 60-mile indoor reception range, ultra-shielded professional quality coaxial cable.

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Channel Master said it was negotiating the price on the SMARTenna+ with retail partners, but expects it will be priced to be competitive with other 60-mile indoor antennas on the market.

It also makes a nice companion to Channel Master’s recently introduced Stream+ over-the-air DVR that doubles as an Android TV-powered media streamer. The $99 (pre-order-introductory special on ChannelMaster.com) device, supports 4K and high dynamic range (HDR10) for streaming content and includes built-in Chromecast support and a no-fee programming guide through the Live Channels by Google app for tuning in over-the-air broadcasts and scheduling them to record with the built-in dual-tuner DVR.

The Stream+ will have access to a host of apps, but Channel Master was still negotiating for Amazon Prime Video.

The DVR+ is roughly the size of upside down coffee cup and it is controlled with an included IR/Bluetooth remote control with microphone for voice input or via a smartphone app.

It comes equipped to link with an 802.11ac Wi-Fi network, HDMI connectivity, quad-core ARM CPU; MicroSD (up to 512 GB) card slot; USB 3.0 port; Android TV 7.0 Nougat with Google Play store, built-in Chromecast and compatibility with Google Home voice AI products.


By Greg Tarr


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