Philips announced significant HDTV products at the 2007 CES, including 1080p Plasma, three 1080p LCD flat panels with 120 Hz backlight and a wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver called the SWW1800
The HD Guru predicts the SWW1800 (and others like it that will in late 2007 or early 2008) will revolutionize home theater. Here is how it works. You connect a small receiver to rear HDMI input of your flat panel HDTV (or any HDTV). It is shaped like a thin slice of bread and is designed to easily attach to the rear of a flat panel. The small (included) transmitter section connects to your HDMI equipped source component, or surround sound receiver. The SWW1800 will send the full HDTV HDMI audio/video signal wirelessly from the transmitter to the receiver. The result, once the SWW1800 is connected to the source and flat panel, just connect the HDTV to AC power into the wall outlet and your good to go. No longer will you need to purchase an expensive long-length HDMI cable, or need a custom installer to open your wall to snake the HDMI cable. The SWW1800 uses ultra wideband to send/receive the signal. It will be available by August 2007 with a suggested retail price of $299-$399.

Philips broke the big screen plasma 1080p price barrier with its 63” 63PFP7422D panel available in June at just $5499. This panel has been widely reported to cost $3500, due to an incorrect press release. The Philips PR department today confirmed the new panel is priced at $5499. Philips will carry over its 2006 63” 768p plasma, model 63PF9631D at $3500.

Philips announced a new line of Ambilight flat panel LCDs. All new 42” and larger models have 1080p resolution, new LED Ambilights and three models will have Hot Cathode Fluorescent backlights that operate at 120HZ, greatly reducing motion blur found on all 60 HZ LCDs.

32PFL7332D 32″LCD 60 HZ 768p $1199 March

42PFL7432D 42″LCD 120HZ 1080p $1999 April

42PFL9832D 42″LCD 120HZ 1080p $2999 June

47PFL7432D 47″LCD 60HZ 1080p $2499 April

47PFL9732D 47″LCD 120HZ 1080p $2799 June

52PFL7432 52″LCD 120HZ 1080p $3599 September