Samsung showed a wide array of new plasma and LCD flat panels at the 2007 CES as well as new LED lit DLP televisions.

Plasma highlights include new anti-reflective front filters, 1080p resolution in the 50, 58 inch sizes. Samsung also showed a 63 inch 1080p plasma but did not release details.

They also introduced wireless HDTV connectivity, with a built-in 802.11n receiver and separate transmitter to free purchasers from connection sources to the display via video cables. You just plug the

In LCD the big news is 120 HZ backlit for reduction in motion blur and LED backlist for higher contrast and richer colors. Samsung however did not release specific details on the models with these features.
In DLP rear projection Samsung introduced a full line of 1080p sets with slim cabinets and LED illumination, replacing standard UHP projection bulbs. The result, better contrast, richer colors and no bulbs to replace.

Below are the relevent parts of its Plasma, LCD and DLP press releases.

84 Series
84 Series of plasma HDTVs are Samsung’s first models with true HD 1080p resolution, the The highest resolution available. These plasmas place Samsung’s outstanding picture quality front and center in a TrueWide elegant “invisible side speaker” cabinet design. Featuring Samsung’s exclusive FilterBright2 Plus™ technology, the 84 series minimizes glare and maximizes contrast for a picture that remains bright and vivid in daylight or bright environments. The 16:9 screen aspect ratio, combined with a built-in ATSC/NTSC tuner, USB 2.0, PC Input, and three HDMI-CEC ports, help the 84 Series plasmas expand consumers’ entertainment horizons with convenient connections to HD content sources, such as Blu-ray players and other HD devices.

The 58-inch HP-T5884 model will be available in September 2007 at an MSRP of $5,199 and the 50-inch HP-T5084 model will be available in May 2007 at an MSRP of $4,199.

64 Series
The 64 Series plasmas excel in picture clarity and packs performance in an elegant “invisible speaker” cabinet design. Also, featuring Samsung’s FilterBright2 Plus™ technology, the 64 series is available in 50-inch and 42-inch models and delivers superb screen resolution in an aesthetically pleasing design. Featuring USB 2.0 and a PC input along with three HDMI connections, the 64 series offers seamless integration with other home theater components, allowing for the playing of HD content downloaded from the internet or from camcorders.

The 50- and 42-inch models will all be available in March 2007 and priced at MSRPs of $3,199 and $2,299, respectively.

54 Series
An enhanced version of last year’s trailblazing 53 series, the 54 series plasma HDTVs look great on or off with a TrueWide elegant “invisible speaker” cabinet design. Featuring Samsung’s exclusive “FilterBright2” technology, the 54 series boasts an improved contrast ratio and utilizes enhanced algorithms for minimizing glare and providing outstanding picture quality. The 16:9 screen aspect ratio, combined with Samsung’s detailed color, contrast and brightness provide an unforgettable HD screen experience. With a built-in ATSC/NTSC tuner, PC Input, and two HDMI ports, the 54 Series plasma HDTVs let consumers expand their entertainment horizons with convenient connections to HD content sources.

The 50-inch HP-R5054 and 42-inch HP-R4254 TVs will be available in July 2007 at MSRPs of $2,999 and $2,099, respectively.

Wireless Plasma

The new 58-inch HT-P5894W TV allows consumers to enjoy robust HD content from their Blu-ray disc players, next-generation game consoles, and other HD sources without the unsightly glare of complex cabling through 802.11n wireless technology.

Another unique feature is the USB 2.0 interface slot located on the side a/v panel. This impressive feature is compatible with all digital photo and music players. In addition, the unit has Bluetooth technology for use with wireless headphones. These wireless plasmas also offer a consumer-friendly swivel stand which allows convenient repositioning for a flexible viewing angle increasing the flexibility of the TV’s possible placement without compromising picture viewing quality.

HT-P5894W wireless plasma HDTV will be available in September 2007 at an MSRP of $5,699.


Samsung is proud to announce the introduction of the world’s first Slim DLP HDTV line that combines slim depth design with highly advanced solid-state Phlatlight™ LED light-engine technology. Available in three large screen sizes: 50-, 56-, and 61-inch — the HL-T5087S, HL-T5687S and HL-T6187S models, Samsung’s new flagship series are the industry’s first slim depth DLP TVs that are LED-Light Source based.

In addition to a cabinet that is thin enough to mount these sets on a wall, a revolutionary thin bezel design allows the frame of a Samsung Slim DLP HDTV to fit in spaces that an equivalent screen size Flat Screen TV might not because they require a thicker bezel. Also, consumers no longer have to replace a lamp every two to three years, because the traditional lamp-based engine has been replaced by a Phlatlightâ„¢ LED light engine that provides longer life, and improved color reproduction. Samsung also introduces three new affordable lamp-based UltraSlim DLP HDTVs, the HL-T6176S, HL-T5676S, and HL-T5076S models, also in 50-, 56- and 61-inch screen sizes respectively, but slightly slimmer in depth than their lamp-less counterparts. All six of these 2007 models feature Full HD 1080p resolution to take advantage of the influx of both HD video content and next generation HD gaming consoles.

With the Phlatlight™ LED powered DLP HDTV line, Samsung removes the traditional rear projection TV UHP lamp and color wheel and replaces them with powerful LED technology whereby, red, green and blue LEDs sequentially fire to produce smooth, stable color, offering consumers the opportunity to enjoy a captivating cinematic experience with improved color reproduction. The exclusive Cinema Smooth™ LED light engine provides a dramatic improvement in reliability and longevity approximately four times longer than that of lamps. Furthermore, the LED technology can save users hundreds of dollars a year in electricity and lamp replacements. With Samsung’s DLP HDTVs consumers get the benefit of the latest features, outstanding performance, and exquisite design in large screen sizes that use less energy than same screen size Flat panel HDTVs.

These new LED based DLP HDTVs for 2007 are equipped with a wide-angle lens system that allows them to take on a super sleek cabinet, reducing the height by 2.5-inches, depth by 2.0-inches and width by 2.0-inches compared to the previous Samsung LED based DLP TV.

“With our new Slim LED based and lamp-based DLP HDTVs, Samsung combines the benefits of rear projection technology with flat wall-mount display options so consumers can enjoy the best of both worlds — affordability in large sizes and a clean design to complement the sleekest decor,” said Sangheung Shin, Senior Vice President of the Visual Display Division for Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. “In 2006, Samsung introduced the first Slim DLP and the first LED DLP, each in only one screen size. Both proved so popular that we’ve combined their respective virtues into our groundbreaking Slim DLP HDTV line based on our new generation Cinema Smooth™ Light Engine.

With a depth of only 13.4 to 15.4-inches for the 87-series Slim LED DLP HDTVs, and a mere 11.5 to 12.3-inches for the 76-series Ultra-Slim DLP HDTVs, along with a “hidden” speaker design in both, these TVs offer performance excellence in an aesthetically pleasing sleek and slim appearance. These 1080p DLP TVs provide the ultimate in picture quality with an ultra high contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and superb brightness. The Cinema Smooth™ Gen 8 Exclusive Light Engine creates a picture with no visible pixel structure for a captivating, seamless, theater-quality experience. Samsung’s Digital Natural Image Engine (DNIe™) optimizes the picture from any input signal. The built-in NTSC/ATSC/QAM tuners permit using the TV’s remote control to surf the world of free over-the-air HDTV signals and unscrambled digital channels provided by cable suppliers.
Samsung’s latest premium LCD TVs (40-,, 46-, and 52-inches) offer higher picture quality and new advanced features, including full 1080p high-definition (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) resolution, which is nearly twice as high as the standard high-definition specification (1,366 by 768 pixels). Samsung’s 1080p TVs take full advantage of both the latest HD television content and HD components, such as the Samsung Blu-ray disc player.

Samsung enhanced its picture clarity by combining its proprietary Digital Natural Image engineTM (DNIe) with a new SuperClear panel to deliver a 12,000:1 contrast ratio and truer black tones to provide the best possible picture. An optimized, wide color gamut increases image quality and color richness, while the 178-degree viewing angle offers a wide radius for viewers to watch.

Beyond the stunning picture quality, the new Samsung 1080p LCD TVs are a work of art themselves. Their elegant designs with high-gloss finish, chrome plating, hidden speakers and swivel stand will grace any space and look just as good off as they do on.

These TVs provide cutting-edge digital connectivity, including Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC), Wise LinkTM and 3 HDMI1.3 (1 side). The Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) technology enables a single remote control unit to operate a Blue-ray disc player, home theater system and other HDMI-CEC compatible A/V products. WiseLinkTM supports USB 2.0, enabling unfettered access to MP3 and JPG data. The high-definition multimedia interface will simultaneously deliver full signal transmission to three different sources. Samsung has added even more convenience with its remote-controlled wall mount (vertical up to 25- degrees and horizontal up to 60-degrees.

Consumers can enjoy the benefits of full-HD from the content source when they combine these 1080p LCD TVs with Samsung’s second generation BD-P1200 Blu-ray disc player, which provides a complete full HD home entertainment solution. The Blu-ray disc player features HQV video up-conversion processing, HD video and audio, 1080p/1080i/720 up-conversion, Dolby Digital, BD/DVD/CD playback and HDMI1.3 interface, Ethernet port, and picture-in-picture viewing. It will be available in March 2007

Main Specifications
Model # LNT4065F/LNT4665F/LNT5265F
Resolution 1920*1080
Contrast Ratio 12,000:1
(Dynamic Contrast)
Brightness 550cd/m2
Color Gamut 92%
Viewing Angle 178-degrees
Connectivity 3 HDMI1.3, HDMI-CEC, USB 2.0

53/54 Series
The newest series of LCD TVs from Samsung represent the ultimate synthesis of design and technology. Offering consumers the choice of a glossy piano-black (53 Series) or a pearl-white (54 series) finish, Samsung’s deluxe new LCD HDTVs will not only become part of the home décor, consumers will actually want to design their living areas around these TVs.

The thin hidden speaker cabinet design ensures clean lines and a sleek, contemporary look. With a choice of 19-, 23-, 26-, 32- or 40-inch screen in piano-black (53 series) and 19- and 23-inch in pearl-white (54 series), Samsung’s LCD TVs fit anywhere from the kitchen to match appliances to the smooth designs perfect to suit any modern bedroom and are guaranteed to drop jaws before and after the TV is turned on.

The 53 and 54 Series HDTVs pave the way for maximum enjoyment of today’s digital entertainment devices. For gaming enthusiasts, Samsung worked with Microsoft engineers to create a special Game Mode that optimizes image quality, sound and response time for realistic video game play.

The 32- and 40-inch 53 Series HDTVs feature a 178-degree viewing angle panel and an 8,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for a true cinematic HDTV picture. Samsung’s new wide color mapping algorithm optimizes a color’s hue to that of the NTSC standard, resulting in more natural colors. Three HDMI-CEC connections and USB 2.0 make it easy to connect the entire range of digital peripheral devices and the unique swivel stand lets users adjust the viewing angle to suit their needs. All models feature a built-in ATSC tuner, and offer side AV inputs for added convenience.

The 19-, 23-, 26-, 32- and 40-inch piano-black models will be available in March 2007 for MSRPs of $529, $849 $1,299, $1,699, and $2,299, respectively. The 19- and 23-inch pearl-white models will be available in March 2007 or MSRPs of $529 and $849, respectively.

42 Series
Samsung’s entry-level 42 Series LCD TVs make owning a sleek flat panel HDTV more affordable than ever. The 42 Series TVs offers range from 23-, 26-, 32-, 37-, 40-, to 46-inches, feature an advanced game mode for video game enthusiasts, and boast a 7,000:1 dynamic contrast for smooth, vibrant pictures in 32-inch models and above. The 32-inch and above LCD TVs also include three HDMI inputs for simultaneous signal transfer of audio and video from digital devices.

The 23-, 26-, 32-, 37-, 40-, and 46-inch 42 Series TVs will all be available in March 2007 for MSRPs of $749, $1,199, $1,499, $1,999, $2,099, and $2,999, respectively.