At CES 2012 Sony announced a dramatic shift in its television marketing, reducing the number of model series from six in 2011 to just four for 2012. The remaining series are the entry level BX, the step-up EX and the flagship HX models.

All but the entry BX will be 1080p with best in class black levels and will feature Sony’s X-Reality or X-Reality Pro signal processing, Motion Flow higher refresh rates and be connected to the Internet via Sony Entertainment Network and Yahoo apps according to an early Sony press release. The HX model will also feature Skype video.

Sony debuts a new Blu-ray player with Google android apps called the NSZ-GP9 and a Google media player called the NSZ-GP9. These are equipped with a new redesigned remote control for improved functionality and includes finger gesturing, backlight and motion sensing.

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Sony introduced three new Blu-ray players with Wi-Fi. The BDP-S790 includes 4K upscaling but no word yet as to whether any of its new TVs will have 4K resolution.

Reports out of Japan indicate Sony is abandoning OLED HDTV in favor of its own new “Crystal LED” panel showing its first 55-Inch prototype at CES. This HDTV uses red, blue and green LEDs to create a picture with higher contrast, a wider color gamut and 10 times faster response rate than LCD. No work yet as to if and when a production model will appear. Keep checking for more CES news.



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