Toshiba came to Las Vegas with nine new series of HDTVs. Its top series include Smart passive 3D models and all new slim styling. Toshiba also showed its latest iteration of glasses-less 3D TV with a promise of delivery later this year.

Glasses-Less 3D

Toshiba demonstration model was based on its model now on sale in Japan. The 55-Inch screen displays 2D content upconverted to 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) while providing up to nine viewing positions in 3D.

The latest glasses less version incorporates face tracking allowing a single viewer to sit anywhere in front of the TV and get the 3D effect. How did it look? To us the 3D was there but did not appear as dramatic as glasses models, however with Toshiba’s demo material it is difficult to judge if it issue was the programming or the TV.

To pull off the 3D requires the Toshiba to send different images to the left and right eyes. How do they do it? Toshiba won’t say. We’ll call it a work in process and anxiously await a US production model. With Sharp, Samsung , LG and Toshiba promising 4K HDTVs this year it will be interesting to see which manufacturer will make it to market first.

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Passive 3D

Toshiba 3D line features include new Aero styling with thin bezel, ePortal Media guide with search, Dual Core CQ signal processing and passive 3D.

L7200 Cinema Series

Toshiba’s top of the line series (photo above) adds ClearScan 120 Hz refresh plus scanning backlight, 2 way ported speakers with Audussy and edge lit LED with dimming. Inputs include 4 HDMI, 2 USB and a PC input. These smart TVs include a full size wireless keyboard. Available in the 47 and 55-inch screen sizes will ship in March.

L6200 Series

Includes LED edge lighting,  Aero styling, 120 Hz refresh, smart TV and Audyssey audio. Available in the 42, 47 and 55-Inch screen sizes shipping in March.

2D LED LCD Models

L5200 Series includes LED edge lighting, Audyssey audio, 120 Hz refresh, 3 HDMI, USB and PC input. The L5200s ship in March in the 40, 46 and new 50-Inch screen sizes.


L4200 Series includes LED edge lighting, Aero design cosmetics, 2 HDMI, 1 USB and 1 PC input. Screen sizes include 19 and 32-inch as 720p and a 1080p 24-Inch model.


V4210 is a single 24-inch LED edgelit model with 1080p resolution and built-in DVD player


2D LED Models with LED Backlighting


L2200 Series features a single 50-Inch 1080p model. Includes 2 HDMI, 1 USB and a PC input. The 2200 ships in April.

2D Models with CCFL Backlighting

HT2 is a 65-Inch 1080p model with 120Hz refresh, 3 HDMI, USB and PC input. The HT2 is shipping this month.

E220 is a 40-inch model with 1080p resolution, Audyssey audio, 2HDMI, 1 USB and a PC input shipping this month

C120 is a 32-Inch model with 720p resolution, 2 HDMI, 1 USB and PC input will ship later this month.



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