Panasonic brought a number of HDTV surprises to Las Vegas with the debut of its new 2012 LCD and plasma lines. The electronics giant revealed performance improvements in both TV technologies. The LED LCD line-up features for the first time 47 and 55-Inch IPS panels to compete head on with Samsungs and LG top of the line products. Its new WT series models showed a performance improvement that leapfrogs every LED LCD makers panels performance to date.

For years Panasonic lagged behind Samsung and LG in LED styling and form factor,  but not any longer. Panasonic also significantly raised the performance bar with its 2012 WT  series.  During the CES demo the new WT models outperformed every other LED LCD we saw at CES in viewing angle, maintaining color saturation and contrast from even extreme viewing positions (see photo below). This is the first time we have witnessed off-axis LED LCD viewing that rivals plasma performance. These 47 and 55-Inch LED LCDs pack new signal processing, Full HD 3D, scanning LED backlight with local dimming and more in a beautiful skinny aluminum finished edge bezel and sports a depth of just 1.1-Inches

The complete LED and LCD line includes eight series with a total of eighteen models. The screen sizes range from 32 to 55-Inches. Below we list the top features of the WT along with screen sizes of the other model series. Full specs of every Panasonic 2012 LED and LCD model can be found using our link here.


WT Series

This top-of-the-line WT series of “Full HD 3D” 1080 LED LCD holds its own against any competitors’ models in terms of performance and styling. Available in the 55-Inch screen size as the TC-L55WT50 and a 47-Inch TC-L47WT50. Top features include:

IPS LED LCD wide viewing panel- provides high contrast and vivid color even at extreme off-axis viewing positions

Four aspect ratios

Clear Panel Pro anti glare filter

1920 scanning backlight (240 Hz refresh x 8 scanning segments= 1920)

16 zones of local dimming

24Hz playback

ISF ccc calibration

Pro Settings

Vivid Color creation- analyzes color contrast and skin tones for optimization

Video content smoother-eliminates judder on YouTube and other web videos

Full HD 3D with active glasses

2D-3D conversion with face detection

Built-in eight speaker sound plus rear sub-woofer

18 watts total sound system power

4 HDMI side inputs

Audio return channel (Input 2)

SD card slot

3 USB 2.0 inputs

Analog audio input

1 composite video input with l/r audio

1- sub-D 15 pin PC input

1 component video input with stereo audio

1 Ether net input

1 Digital audio output

Viera Connect with Touch Pad Remote

Web Browser

Skype video




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The other 3D LED series is the DT (55″, 47″). The ET5 (55″,47″,42″) use passive 3D glasses.

2D LED model series include:

E50 (55″, 47″, 42″); E5 (47″, 42″, 37″ 32″)

X5 (42″ 1080p; 32″ 1365 x 768 resolution; 24″ 1080p)

2D series LCD (CCFL) include:

TC-L42U5 42″ 1080p

TC-L32C5 32″ 1365 x 768 resolution.

Tomorrow we’ll  publish our report and specification list on the Panasonic 2012 plasmas.


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