LG comes to Las Vegas with the most innovative and advanced HDTV models they ever produced. New technology offered in its 2012 model line includes the first large screen OLED HDTV, the first 84″ HDTV with 4K resolution and more.

All of LGs Internet connected Smart TVs have browsers and play flash and HDML5 content. All 1080p models use wide viewing angle in 2D IPS panels except the 65″ versions. The 3D models below the 6200 series come with four pair of 3D glasses while the models series above come with six pairs.


The LG 55EM9600 is the industry’s first announced 55-Inch Full HDTV. Just 4mm thin the EM9600 features Full HD 2D resolution and LG’s film pattern retarder 3D technology. This organic light emitting diode (OLED) TV uses a panel made up of over 8 million white  led sub-pixels. On top of the panel is a filter with four sections- red, blue, green and clear (white). LG claims this design offers higher effiiciency and righer color. The panel is too thin for speakers, inputs or associated electronics. They are housed within a separate box sold with the TV. We will provide more information as it becomes available after the show opens.


LG new 84″ LED LCD (84LM9600) breaks new ground in a number of ways. It is the largest consumer HDTV flat panel over offered, it is the first with 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 and the first passive 3D TV to offer full HD vertical 1080p resolution, as all previous passive 3D models provide one-half (540 lines) vertical resolution when viewing in 3D mode. The LM9600 is an edge lit LED LCD



For 2012 LG has an extensive line of edge lit and back lit HDTVs. Here’s how they breakdown:


LS3500 series are 2D, 720p models with 60 Hz refresh rate. Screen sizes are 22, 26 and 32- Inches.

LS5600 series are edge lit 2D 1080p LED LCDs. Screen sizes are 32, 37, 42, 47 and 55-Inches. The 32 and 37-Inch models are 60 Hz refresh while all others are 120Hz.

LS5700 series are edge lit 2D 1080p LED LCDs with 120 Hz refresh, Smart TV with Internet browser and include LG’s wheel equipped Magic Motion remote control that uses movement for control (like a Wii remote). Screen sizes are 42, 47, 55 and 60-Inches


LM5800 series are edge lit 3D capable LED LCDs 1080p 120 HZ available in 42,47 and 55-Inch screen sizes

LM6200 has all the LM5800 features and adds Smart TV with browser and Magic Motion Remote control with wheel.

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3D Smart TVs with Cinema Screen Design (pictured)

LM6700 include 120Hz refresh, Smart TV, LED Edge Lit design with dimming. 47 and 55 Inch screens are available.

LM7600 add scanning backlight to the 120 Hz refresh (they call it 240 Hz) to the 6700s features. Screen sizes are 47 and 55-Inches

LM8600 series adds a dual core processor for faster Internet page loading, and the ability to switch back and forth from apps to live TV, improved standard definition upconversion. Magic motion remote with voice control. Screen sizes are 47 and 55-Inch

LM9500 is a edge lit 120 Hz LED with scanning backlight with dimming,  and Smart TV with magic Motion remote. It is available in the 72-Inch screen size, a first for the US market.

LM9600 is LGs top of the line LED LCD with full LED backlight with local dimming using its exclusive Nano technology . All series models include all LM8600 features (except the 4K).

Google TV

LMG620 (pictured) 1080p 120Hz edge lit LED LCD with Smart TV, Google TV apps and browser, Magic Motion remote with voice and wheel, LG and Google home screens. Available in Q1 with 47 and 55-Inch screen sizes

LMG860 adds Cinema screen design with full glass front and scanning LEDs for better motion resolution. Available in Q2 with 47 and 55-Inch screen sizes


All LCD models below use standard CCFL backlighting.

CS 460 features 720p resolution and 60 Hz refresh in 32-Inch screen size

CS560 features 1080p resolution with 60 Hz refresh in 32, 37 and 42-Inch screen sizes

CS 570 is 1080p resolution with 120 Hz refresh in 42 and 47-Inch screen sizes.


PA4500 720p 2D in the 42 and 50-Inch screen sizes.

PA4700 720p active 3D with 1 pair 3D glasses 42 and 50-Inch screen sizes.

PA6500 1080p 2D in the 50 and 60-Inch screen sizes

PA6700 1080p Full HD Active 3D, Smart TV magic motion remote optional 50 and 60Inch screen sizes

PA6900 1080p Full HD Active 3D, Touch screen Smart TV

PA9700 1080p Full HD Active 3D True Black filter with matte finish, new thin bezel design and 40% deeper black levels (photo)






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