LG rolled into Las Vegas with one of the industry’s largest lines HDTVs consisting of nine series of LED LCD, four series of LCD and six series of plasma HDTVs with a total of 43 models in screen sizes from 22″ to 72″. LG’s major announcements include its Nano backlit full array backlit LEDs, a new top of the line 950 series plasma with thin depth, thin screen bezels and a new Magic Motion remote control. In 3D LG is offering both passive glasses LED models using it new passive pattern retarder film and active glasses LED and plasma TVs. Overall, for 2011 LG is offering something for nearly everyone.


The LW9500 (55″ and 60″) and the LW 7700 (47″ and 55″) 1080p 2D/3D) TVs use LG’s remarkable Nano tech reflector to achieve local dimming using a thin sheet of metal imbedded with 1152 white LEDs (60″, see photo). LG achieves a TV depth of less than one inch and a very thin bezel providing an almost all screen appearance. The Nano TVs were incredibly bright at an early demo and at the 2011 CES. The screen’s image uniformity and a very wide viewing angle impressed us, as these new LGs may be the best LEDs in the industry regarding these two very important criteria.

The Nano series have almost every feature you can imagine including active 3D, THX certification (2D and 3D), an anti-reflective screen, Internet connectivity with LGs SmartTV apps and services and a motion controlled remote LG calls Magic Motion.

The LW9500 uses LG’s TruMotion 480 Hz (240 Hz with scanning backlight), while the LW7700 models are 240Hz.

The non-Nano tech LZ9700 is the industry largest LED LCD screen (with a 2011 shipping date) at 72″. It has full LED slim technology with local dimming, active glasses 3D capability, TruMotion THX certification, SmartTV and Magic Remote.

Passive 3D

Using LG’s developed passive Patterned Retarder Film (PRF) applied to the surface of its LW6500 (47″, 55″ and 65″) and LW5600 (47″ and 55″) these models are 3D capable using cheap passive (no battery) 3D glasses like the ones you get for free in the movie theaters. Each TV comes with four pairs of glasses and features 1080p 2D and 540p (per eye) 3D performance. The 6500 series models features LED with local dimming, TruMotion 240Hz, SmartTV, Magic Remote, and Wi-Fi capability with included adaptor.  The 5600 series models have similar features, but are TruMotion 120 Hz displays.


The LV5500 series (42″, 47″ and 55″) include 1080p screens, LED edge lighting, TruMotion 120 Hz, SmartTV, and Wi-Fi capability.

The LV3700 series (42″, 47″ and 55″) include 1080p screens LED edge lighting, 60Hz refresh, SmartTV and Wi-Fi capability with included adaptor.

The LV3500 series (37″ and 42″) include 1080p resolution; 60 Hz refresh and LED edge lighting.

The LV2500 series 22″, 26″ and 32″) feature LED edge lighting with 60 Hz refresh and 720p resolution

LCD’s w/CCFL Back lighting

LG has four series using conventional cold cathode fluorescent lamps for back lighting.

LK530 (42″, 47″ and 55″) feature 1080p resolution, TruMotion 120 Hz refresh, SmartTV, and Wi-Fi capability with included adaptor

LK520 series (42″, 47″ and 55″) feature 1080p resolution and TruMotion 120Hz refresh.

LK450 series (32″, 37″ and 42″) feature 1080p resolution

LK330 (32″) is the lone model in this series with 720p resolution.

Plasma HDTV

For 2011 LG offers six series of plasma TVs all featuring its new TruSlim screen bezel less than one inch wide.

The PZ950 series (50″ and 60″ ) is LG’s flagship model line boasting 1080p resolution, under 2-inch depth, 3D ready for active shutter glasses, single sheet top glass, THX 3D/2D certification, Magic Motion remote, TruBlack anti-reflective filter, SmartTV Internet apps and streaming services, and Wi-Fi capability with adaptor included.

PZ750 series (50″ and 60″) includes 1080p resolution, single sheet top glass, SmartTV, Magic Motion remote, THX 3D/2D certification and Wi-Fi capability with adaptor included.

PZ550 series (50″ and 60″) features 1080p resolution, LG’s NetCast Entertainment access (Internet streaming and widgets), 3D active glasses capability, Wi-Fi with adaptor sold separately.

PW350 (42″ and 50″) includes 3D capability and 720p resolution.

PV450 (50″ and 60″) series features 1080p resolution

PT350 series (42″ and 50″) has 720p resolution

Later this week we will explore new information about Passive versus Active 3D.

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