The highlight of the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show, was the introduction of the next generation of HDTV.  All Around the Las Vegas Convention Center continuous demonstrations of new 3D High Definition products, technologies and prototypes were being conducted by many of the major (and some minor) HDTV makers including LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Soyo/Honeywell and TCL/RCA.

Soyo displayed it’s 1080p dual use 2D/3D LCD flat panel and announced it will ship April 2009, making it the first 3D Full HD flat panel that doubles as a normal 2D 1080p HDTV to be offered for sale in the USA.  This 46” flat panel incorporates circuitry that converts standard 2D HD content to 3D (stereoscopic display).  The Soyo MT-SYHYT46G1QB (Price TBA) makes 3D viewing possible with passive polarized glasses, similar to the ones you used when viewing a 3D movie at your local theater. The  HD GURU plans to review this trendsetting HDTV soon, so stay tuned.

Over at Panasonic’s booth, Full HDTV (1920 x 1080) content was displayed on prototype 103” plasma from a modified Blu-ray player.  Panasonic wants its “Full HD”” shutter glasses” system to be standardized within the TV industry.  It’s the only 3D system that provides “1920 x 1080” images to the left and right eye (other systems divvy up the image to half resolution for the left and the other half for the right eye).  Panasonic expects to offer a 3D capable Full HD plasma by next year.

Samsung demonstrated 3D HDTV with 2D content electronically converted to 3D from a standard Blu-ray player as well as native 1080p 3D content displayed on two prototype 50” plasma 1080p HDTVs.  Samsung currently sells two 768p plasmas (42” and 50”) and will be offering new ones with the same resolution as part of its 2009 HDTV line.  No availability date given for its 1080p 3D plasma display.

LG had a 1080p plasma and LCD flat panel demo of 3D content.  No announced date for availability.

Sony made big news with its first demo of 3D gaming.  Sony wouldn’t reveal details as to when and how its Playstation 3 system will accept 3D games, however its technology demonstration dramatically showed Sony is working on making the PS3 into a PS3D.  The booth also had a number of 3D LCD HDTV prototypes.

TCL/RCA showed an LCD 3D display using a lenticular screen.  This technology allows viewing 3D images without glasses, but (its currently) unsuitable for normal 2D HDTV content.

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