(Sept. 14, 2009) The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association’s 2009  trade show concluded in Atlanta, Georgia yesterday. The low attendance was indicative of the soft economy, accompanied by fewer companies displaying than in 2008. Regardless of these factors, a number of new products were debuted to this important segment of the consumer electronics industry. We will cover the show with multiple parts. Today we highlight JVC.

JVC brought three significant products to Atlanta. The GD-463D10 is the first large screen 3D LCD monitor offered in the USA and is designed primarily for post production and other commercial use. Unlike the Mitsubishi DLP 3D projection televisions or the Panasonic’s 103″ prototype (which require active “shutter glasses”) the JVC uses a process called “circular polarization” to produce immersive 3D images. The required 3D glasses are passive (no electronic shutters) and are similar to the ones handed out at 3D movies. They provide a distinct left and right image for each eye continuously, at a resolution of 1920 x 540.

The JVC 3D LCD provided a bright clean image. We viewed clips of recent 3D productions including parts of the NBC series “Chuck” as well as U2 concert footage. However, it must be stressed there is currently no 3D live commercial programming (i.e. movies, TV series episodes or music videos) available today to consumers (other than the very poor performing “old style” anaglyphic red/green type glasses) . This format is not directly compatible with the proposed Panasonic/Sony Blu-ray “Full HD” system, though it is conceivable that a convertor box could be offered in the future. HD Guru requested a review sample, once one becomes available and we can obtain licensed 3D source material (we’re working on it), other than PC video games. The GD-463D10 retails for $9153


Blu-ray Recorders

JVC has broken the logjam holding up the US availability of Blu-ray recorders with two models made primarily for the US industrial market. According to sources, CE companies’ reluctance to offer Blu-ray recorders here is due to the  desire not to ruffle the feathers of the Hollywood studios, while ironing out 3D home video standards. For those readers with HD camcorders that want to edit and distribute HD home videos to friends and family on discs playable on Blu-ray players, these recorders are the first and only free standing solutions, finally freeing prospective purchasers from reliance on BD recording drives within a PC.

The SR-HD1250 features USB, SD HC card slot and IEEE-1394 inputs for compatibility with a variety of HD camcorders. The SR-HD1250 includes a 250 GB hard drive ($1995, October).

The SR-HD1500 features a 500 GB hard drive and adds a RS-232C terminal, MOV file compatiblity for Apple Final Cut Pro as well as footable from JVC’s GY-HM100 and GY-HM700 ProHD camcorders  when using the SP (19/25) mode ($2550, October).Perhaps we will see consumer model Blu-ray recorders appear from other vendors soon (they are currently sold in Asia, England and Australia), now that JVC has broken the ice.

Front Projectors

JVC introduced its next generation DILA front projectors with six new models. All use JVC’s .7″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) LCOS chip. JVC’s top of the line DLA-R35 and DLA-HD990 offer a record high 70,000:1 native contrast ratio. The other models contrast ratios are DLA-HD550 30,000:1; DLA-RS15 32,000:1 and DLA-RS25/DLA-HD950 50,000:1. All models are THX certified . (What THX certified means to you is a subject we plan to cover in an upcoming article).

The demonstration of the DLA-RS35 was quite compelling, producing some of the very best high contrast images we have seen out of a home front projector.

All models ship this month the DLA-R35/DLAHD990 are priced at $10,000. The DLA-RS25/DLA-HD950: $8000; DLA-RS15: $5,500.00 DLA-HD550: $5,000.00

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