(Sept. 28, 2009) Samsung chose CEDIA to unveil the remainder of its 2009 HDTV line to its dealers. The showings included Samsung’s new 2009 LED backlit LCDs, the B8500 series (bottom photo) and a new 65″ CCFL (cold-cathode fluorescent) backlit LCD (top photo).

The 8500 series consists of two models, the 46″ LN46B8500 ($3599.99) and the 55″ LN55B8500 ($4499.99). These two LCDs (note: Samsung refers to them as LED TVs in the USA) are the 2009 replacement for the well received A950 LED backlit models. Features of the 8500s include:  true 240 Hz refresh, white LED local dimming backlights, 2ms rated panel response time and a “rated” dynamic contrast of 7,000,000:1 (to restate the HD Guru’s position, dynamic contrast is a meaningless spec, though HDTV makers keep publishing a spec.).

Features include 1.6″ depth (a new record for backlit LED displays), Internet connectivity for access to Yahoo, Flickr, YouTube and other web based content and widgets. The 8500s are shipping now.

The LN65B650 is a CCFL backlit LCD (Samsung calls it an LCD TV). The 65″ size is new for Samsung and according to industry sources Sharp manufactures the 65″ LCD panel within the LN65B650. A Samsung representative would not confirm who makes the panel.

As stated in the press release “LCD 650 Series TVs will deliver Auto Motion Plusâ„¢ 120Hz refresh rate, fast 4ms response time for motion clarity and high dynamic contrast ratios for deeper, more natural blacks. The LN65B650 will also include expansive networking and connectivity capabilities including Samsung’s [email protected] Suite, the unique Touch of Colorâ„¢ design, and it will meet the latest Energy Star® qualifications. ” The rated dynamic contrast ratio is 100,000:1 The 65″ retails for $6000 and ships this month.


Samsung introduced its latest front projector (photo) from its “Joe Kane” series. The A600 boasts a glossy black finish, low noise, under 13 pound weight, 220 watt lamp, inputs include two HDMI, component video, composite, S-video and a 15-pin VGA connector.

The A600 is “Full HD” using a 16:9 Texas Instruments 1080p DLP chip with a six-segment color wheel, 1000 ANSI Lumen rated brightness and a 3,000:1 rated contrast ratio. The A600 retails for $1795.



Panasonic announced the release of its 2009 58″ and 65″ S1 and V10 series plasmas along with prices. (TC-P58S1 $2295.95; TC-P65S1 $3199.95; TC-P58V10 $2699.95; TC-P65V10 $3999.95.) You can find these HDTVs for far less by checking out at the HD Guru Pricegrabber website by clicking this (LINK) or under the “Check Prices” banner in the left side column of this page. The HD Guru Pricegrabber website currently offers the TC-P65S1 for as low as $2249.

Panasonic’s finally unveiled at CEDIA  its 85″ plasma monitor (photo). Unlike its 103″ version, the 85″ operates on a standard 120 volt AC outlet. The image was bright and clean. Panasonic’s Pro division sells it and with sales geared to commercial installs such as conference rooms. It retails for $30,000, a far cry from the 65″ S1 streeting at under $2300.

Panasonic displayed to the CEDIA crowd its new 3D truck which housed a 103″ 3D Full HD Plasma and featured new 3D demo content, including the trailer for the upcoming movie, AVATAR.



LG brought its upcoming wireless and wired LCD flat panel HDTVs to Atlanta. The top-of-the-line 55LHX combines slim contemporary design, LED backlighting with local dimming, wireless HD reception and it’s the first LCD in the US to receive THX certification.  The LHX has a rated dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1 and is 240 Hz with a scanning backlight. The 55″ 55LHX retails for $4799 and should be in stores next month. The image looked quite impressive and could be one of the best LCDs ever. We look forward to reviewing when it becomes available.

The LH model has wireless 1080p connectivity and 120 Hz refresh, but uses standard CCFL backlights instead of LEDs. The LH85s have a rated contrast ratio of 80,000:1. They’ll be available later this fall as a 47″ model (47LH85, $2399) an as a 55″ (55LH85, $3199).

The SL90 series (photo) is an LED edge-lit, 120 Hz, LCD HDTV besting Samsung’s LN6000 series product by .05″ with a depth of just 1.15″. According to the press release “LG uses a special film lamination technology for better color tuning, gradation and reduction of glare – all in a sleek, minimalist package.  The lamination process completes the flat surface, virtually eliminating the visible line between the screen and the bezel when the set is turned off. “

The SL90s have a rated dynamic contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1 and like the others listed, has LGs proprietary “Picture Wizard” for easy set up of the user picture controls without tools or test discs. It also includes ISF CC for expert calibration with proper measuring devices. The SL90s will be available later this fall in the 47″ and 42″ screen sizes with retail prices of $2,599 and $2099 respectively.

The SL80 models are 1.8″ at their slimmest point, have 240 Hz with scanning CCFL backlights and the same flat all-glass face as the SL90 models. They’re available now in the 42″ ($1599), 47″ ($1899) and 55″ ($2799) screen sizes.

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