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Samsung’s Legacy 3D HDTV Owners Get A Reprieve

(July 29, 2010) Approximately 700,000 Samsung DLP HDTV owners can’t view 3D content either from DirecTV or from cable providers. That’s because Samsung does not offer the special adapter that’s needed to convert 3D cable and satellite signals to the DLP compatible “checkerboard” format.

3D Cable Programs, 3D HDTV

AT&T U-Verse Adds ESPN3D

(June 9, 2010) Following on the heels of ESPN executives lamenting about its 3D channel launching with only two multi-channel program providers (DirecTV and Comcast), AT&T announced today it will add ESPN3D to its channel line-up on launch this Thursday, in time for the World…

3D Cable Programs, 3D HDTV

2010 Masters In 3D

(April 10, 2010) This week marks an historic milestone with the first multi-region 3D telecast in the USA. Comcast, Cox and Cablevision began its daily two hour 3D coverage of the Masters with the Par 3 competition on Wednesday, followed by its first round on…