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So you’ve seen the demos in the store, read the reviews, found the best price.  You are the proud owner of a brand new High Def video camera. You’ve even shot some video of the wife and kids and watched it on your Panasonic TC-50G10 50” Plasma that was recommended by the HDGURU. It looks great, amazing almost like 3D! Wow, you can’t wait to send a video to Mom & Dad. They bought an HDTV, so they will be able to see just how great the video looks. But, how do you send them the video? They don’t have an HD Video Camera, you both bought a Blu-ray disc player, but how do you make a Blu-ray disk? Well, the answer is here, Adobe has released the Adobe CS3 Production Premium bundle. This amazing complete package includes everything you need to shoot, import footage, edit it, and add special effects, music, graphics, and titles! Everything that you need to create your masterpiece.  Add to that an LG GGW-H20L Blu-ray Disc burner and HD DVD-ROM reader, so that you can not only burn Blu-ray disks, but also watch both Blu-rays , HD-DVD’s, even regular DVD’s and CD’s on your HTPC (Home Theater PC). The only other ingredient that you need for this High Def recipe is 25GB Blu-ray blank disks.

Let me take you through the creation process of your first Blu-ray.  Let’s start. Adobe CS3 Production Premium comes with a fantastic group of programs that include Adobe OnLocation, Adobe Ultra, Adobe After Effects® CS3 Professional, Adobe Premiere® Pro CS3, Adobe Encore® CS3, Adobe Photoshop® CS3 Extended, Adobe Illustrator® CS3, Adobe Flash® CS3 Professional, and Adobe® Soundboothâ„¢ CS3. The install is not for the faint of heart and can take about an hour to complete. The package requires at least 32GB of hard drive space, a 32-bit video card and a 1280×1024 or higher resolution monitor.

With the package installed and your masterpiece shot with your HD Video camera, the real fun begins. Now, Adobe is not for those without some computer knowledge. If you are a little more advanced then you will want to load Adobe OnLocation®CS3 on to your laptop. This program allows you to capture directly to both your videotape and your computer hard drive. It also comes with an impressive array of very professional tools to make sure that your images are recorded perfectly. You can even have some fun with stop-motion animation. At the very least you can immediately review your shots to see if they came out the way that you expected. If you don’t want to get in that deep then you would use Adobe Premiere® Pro CS3 to capture the footage from your camera to your hard drive. At this point you have several options, you might want to use Adobe Photoshop® CS3 Extended or Adobe Illustrator® CS3 to create custom graphics to use in your video or use Adobe After Effects® CS3 Professional, a long standing industry standard to create some amazing special effects.  The great thing about it is that is all up to you and your imagination. You can make a simple video with very little trimmings or perhaps your own personal Star Wars epic! One of the more spectacular new additions to Adobe Premiere® Pro CS3 is the ability to make web ready flash movies directly from the timeline with Adobe Flash® CS3 Professional without having to go through all the hassles that you might have to with other programs.  Adobe Flash® CS3 allows you to create excellent quality videos in a very small file size. But your choices don’t stop there, you can just as easily export for standard DVD, the web, and mobile devices. Another cool feature is the ability to create dramatic slow- and fast-motion effects right on the timeline, you can slow things down without compromising quality.

Adobe® Soundboothâ„¢ CS3 allows you to orchestrate your video or just clean up your audio. One of the nicest features is the interactivity of the Suite of programs. If you are working on the timeline in Adobe Premiere® Pro CS3 then you can right click on any audio file and choose to “Edit in Adobe Soundbooth.” Once your editing is done Adobe is still there for you with Adobe Encore® CS3.

Adobe Encore® CS3 enables you to take your completed masterpiece and burn it to Blu-ray. This is where your LG GGW-H20L Blu-ray Disc burner and HD DVD-ROM reader comes into play. Even though Blu-ray has won the format war, there are still a lot of bargains to be had in HD-DVD disks. Buy ‘em up and watch them with this versatile recorder/player. With Adobe Encore® CS3 you don’t even need a separate burning software, Encore allows you to burn directly to your Maxell 25GB Blu-ray blank disks. I tested both the BD–R (which allow you to record once) and on the BD-RE( the re-writeable version). Both performed spectacularly. They yielded perfect copies that played back glitch free. The time for the burn process depends greatly on the length of your content, but remember HD creates big files to get that great picture. It took me about 30 minutes to get a 10 minute Blu-ray burned.

Now keep in mind that Adobe Production Premium CS3® has many more features and it would take an e-book to tell you about all of them. I will be featuring more in depth technical articles on as well as videos made with this package on So visit those sites for more info. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and I will try to answer as best as I can.

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