Bose, the consumer electronics company known for its loudspeakers, headphones and home entertainment systems announced today the introduction of its 2nd generation combination home entertainment sound system and HDTV called the VideoWave II.  Shipping now, the system is available in a 46-inch and 55-inch screen sizes. Learn the features (including ones not disclosed on its website),  the prices  and discover who really builds its HDTV after the break.

The Bose VideoWave II consists of an 120 Hz LED LCD backlit monitor (no over-the-air TV tuner) with six woofers, and a seven element speaker array. The screen is connected to the “console” which provides audio amplifiers and inputs (4 HDMI, 2 component video inputs, 1-composite video and 2 USB ports) and switching.

Having the speakers built-in to the TV screen creates a deeper cabinet than found in other high definition TVs, The 46-inch model measures 6-inches, while the 55-inch is a husky 5.5-inches.  We asked a  Bose representative  questions regarding the TV monitor’s performance,  features and manufacturer. Here are his responses.

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Both sizes use direct lit LED backlights meaning they are placed directly behind the  LCD screen. Unlike the highly regarded top of the line Sony XBR55HX929 or the Elite by Sharp HDTV, there is no local LED dimming to deepen the black levels. The Bose VideoWave II monitors don’t include a scanning backlight, which improves motion resolution (most LED backlit HDTVs offer this feature). They also lack an HDTV (rec. 709)  color setting found on almost all top models. These Bose monitors are built by Samsung to Bose’s specification. Want 3D and/or Smart TV Internet streaming functionality? Sorry, it’s not available in the VideoWave II (however, it is built into the Sony and Sharp).

The price? The 46-inch sells for $4999 and the 55-inch is $5999. For the given screen size these Bose TVs are the most expensive flat panel consumer TVs available. By comparison, Samsung’s closest comparable 46-inch model is the  UN46EH6000 120 Hz LED backlit HDTV. It sells for under $740 and measures a depth of 3.7-inches. For the $4260 price difference you can buy one heck of a component surround sound system. Want a 132 watt top performing surround soundbar instead?  The 60-inch Samsung UN60EH6000 with the superb Yamaha YSP-2200 Digital Sound Projector surround soundbar with 18 element speaker array (16 drivers and 2 woofers) will set you back only $2367 ($1569 + $799).



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