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In a small booth at CEDIA a new exhibitor called 3D Now showed devices they claim will convert any 1080p display to a Full HD 3D TV. The first device is designed to be used with flat panels or projectors with the aid of active 3D eyewear. The other device allows two identical 1080p projectors to show Full HD 3D using the same passive glasses offered in movie theaters.

The Theater Box

The 3D Now Theater system consists of a black box (image at top), infrared sync emitter, and “3D Now” active glasses. It works with any 3D source (not supplied) including Blu-ray, cable or satellite box. The demo using a front projector indeed produced Full HD.

3D Now 3D Converter show demo

Unfortunately, as you can see, the screen was on the convention show floor. With nothing preventing ambient light from hitting the screen, the demo had a washed out image. 3D Now inventor Jonathan AlexanderWe asked device inventor Jonathan Alexander how the device operates and how it avoids flicker.  He would not comment citing pending patents prevented him from disclosing the information.

Full HD Passive Convertor

We found 3D Now’s second device even more intriguing. This product is consists of circular polarizers (one left, one right) that mount to the front of each projector’s lens, a black interface box, and a dual projector mount. When combined with a silver 3D screen (available from most projection screen vendors) your projection system can play full HD 3D using passive glasses.

Pricing and availability of 3D Now products has not been announced. For more information go to 3dnow.com


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This Week’s Best Deals on TVs and Video

Panasonic TH-65VX300

Panasonic TH-65VX300

Panasonics latest display is a 65-inch 3D capable  monitor (no built-in tuner) with a host of features not found on any consumer HDTV. These include expansion slots for adding additional inputs, a bypass for the internal scaler which allows the use of an external one (cascading scalers degrade the image), and custom setting of gray scale and color points using built-in CIE graphic.

Panasonic TH-65VX300's built-in CIE chart for adjustments

The TH-65VX300 retails for $6,250 and ships next month.



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