Amazon Prices Updated Oct. 10, 2010

(Oct. 9, 2010) To help our readers get a head start on their holiday HDTV shopping, from now till Christmas, HD Guru will publish the best deals from Best Buy and others on the day before their respective Sunday weekly ad appears.

We’ve scoured the Sunday Oct. 10 Best Buy weekly circular and J&R’s weekly New York Times ad for the biggest price drops. To aid your bargain hunting, an Amazon price and link are provided next to the advertised prices. (Note: Amazon prices may change;  please keep checking our links.) To determine the best screen size for your needs, check out by checking out our “Viewing Distance Chart“.

You can use our listed prices to order your new HDTV or as a tool to get your local dealer to negotiate a better price, here’s a link to our “How To Get The Best Price” article.

(BB=Best Buy; JR=


60″ LCD 120Hz 1080p LN60C630 was $2500 now $1799.95 BB/ [amazonify]B003BFDO7W::text::::$1799 Amazon free shipping[/amazonify]

50″ Plasma 600Hz 1080p PN50C550 was $1300 now $899.99 BB/[amazonify]B0036WT3XO::text::::$899 Amazon free shipping[/amazonify]

58″ Plasma 600Hz 1080p PN58C550 was $2000 now $1499.99 BB/[amazonify]B0036WT3ZM::text::::$1499 Amazon free shippping[/amazonify]

55″ 3D LED 240Hz 1080p UN55C8000 was $3500 now $2799.99 BB/[amazonify]B0036WT4KG::text::::$2799 Amazon free shipping and free bundle with 3D Blu-ray player and 3D Starter Kit[/amazonify]

BB Bundle includes free 3D Blu-ray Player BDC6800 reg. $280 + 3D Starter Kit w/2 pr. 3D glasses and “How to Train Your Dragon 3D Bu-ray disc $400 value


42″ LED 120 Hz 1080p 42LE5400 was $1400 now $999.99 BB/[amazonify]B0039JBXSM::text::::$904.33 Amazon free shipping[/amazonify]

55″ LCD 120Hz 1080p 55LD520 was $1900 now $1499.99 BB/[amazonify]B0039RV03C::text::::$1299.99 Amazon free shipping, free BD570 Blu-ray player[/amazonify]

47″ LED 120HZ 1080p 47LE5400 was $1700 now $1399.98 BB/[amazonify]B003BO4H56::text::::$1044.99 Amazon free shipping, free BD570 Blu-ray player[/amazonify]

BB Bundle includes free LG Blu-ray player BD570 reg. $219.99

55″ LED 120Hz 1080p 55LE5400 was $2500 now $1999.98 BB/[amazonify]B0039JBXVY::text::::$1454.76 Amazon[/amazonify]

BB Bundle includes free LG Blu-ray player BD570 reg. $219.99

Sharp Quattron

52″ LED 120Hz 1080p LC52LE810 was $2000 now $1499.99 BB/[amazonify]B003E1WITI::text::::$1439 Amazon free shipping[/amazonify]

60″ LED 120Hz 1080p LC55LE810 was $2500 now $1999.99 BB/[amazonify]B003B5LB2C::text::::$1745.15 Amazon[/amazonify]


40″ LED 60Hz 1080p KDL40EX600 was $1100 now $798 JR/[amazonify]B00391VLUK::text::::$798 Amazon free shipping[/amazonify]


50″ Plasma 600Hz 1080p TCP50S2 was $1200 now $849.95 JR/[amazonify]B0036VO7WM::text::::$861.28 Amazon free shipping[/amazonify]

42″ LCD 60Hz 1080p TCL42U22 was $750 now $579 JR/[amazonify]B0038KLCQ0::text::::$591.35 Amazon free shipping[/amazonify]

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