Best Buy announced 3D TVs and 3D capable Blu-ray player sales and demos at over 200 stores  beginning on March 10, 2010. It will kick off the first Full HD 3D (FHD3D) sales at its Union Square store in New York City with an early morning press event.

The March 10th 3D debuts take place at Best Buy’s Magnolia store-within-a-store. The offerings include a Panasonic’s 50″ TC-P50VT20 plasma 3D HDTV, demoed alongside the Panasonic DMP-BD350 FHD3D Blu-ray player. A source indicates the first Full HD Blu-ray Disc is a Panasonic 3D Blu-ray demo disc which will be included with its 3D Blu-ray players.  The Panasonic FHD3D TVs come packed with one pair of Panasonic 3D shutter glasses.

On March 21, Best Buy plans to offer sales and 3D demos of Samsung’s first 3D FHD TVs at over 900 of its 1000+ stores. The initial 3D offerings include the 46″ UN-46C7000 and 55″ UN-55C7000 LED LCD TVs, along with Samsung’s BD-C6900 3D Blu-ray player and shutter type 3D glasses

According to published reports, Samsung plans to offer a promotional package of 3D glasses and the  first Full HD 3D Blu-ray movie disc “Monsters vs. Aliens” with the purchase of a Samsung 3D TV and 3D Blu-ray player. The promotion is expected to begin with the Best Buy’s March 21st launch.

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