(March 23, 2010) We asked Best Buy’s media relations department last week why Best Buy’s Geek Squad offers a  fictional 3D glasses syncing service? (link to our original story). Below is the corporate response.

“I wanted to address any lingering confusion about the characterization of services support in the Best Buy Samsung 3DTV offer that was advertised in yesterday’s (March 21) insert.  We by no means intended to confuse our customers or offer fraudulent services.  The offer is new to our stores, and our own employees were trained on it just this past week.

Let me clarify the services that are included with this offer. Geek Squad will:

1.         Set up and connect your TV + up to 5 components (Blu Ray, Cable Box, Satellite Box, etc )

2.         Add your internet enabled Blu ray/Gaming Console or internet enabled TV  to your existing wireless network so you can access online content such as Netflix and Pandora.

3.         Make sure your 3D glasses work – some solutions we sell need TV settings adjusted so that 3D glasses are enabled – there are both 3D and non 3D settings for viewing

4.         Review and teach you how to use all of your new gear.

We have some customers who aren’t quite sure how the 3D glasses work, or that the glasses automatically sync with their new 3D TVs.  So we wanted to convey that they can depend on Geek Squad to answer their questions during installation and set-up. There is no additional charge for this – and the Geek Squad 3D installation and networking services are included in the total price of this offer.

You know we’re as enthusiastic about 3D as you are, and equally committed to help educate consumers about how to get the most from this home entertainment experience.”

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