Best Buy Customer Data Hacked?

June 9th, 2011 · 2 Comments · News

HD Guru logged in to his Best Buy account to find the “ship to” address was changed to a stranger in Texas. Had I bought something, my stuff would have been shipped to some cowpoke in Houston.  What’s going on here? Was my account hacked? Could your account be hacked too?


I recalled receiving an email in early April from Best Buy informing me its email management company Epsilon was hacked. The email goes on to state “only email addresses” of Best Buy customers were accessed. Obviously, the ability to change a “ship to” address in one’s account requires a password too.

I immediately contacted Best Buy customer service and spoke to a representative named Robin. I asked about how the ship to information in my account could change, and when were these accounts hacked? She stated there was no hack, but rather the database at Best Buy was corrupted by a glitch which caused customer data to be intermingled with other customers. This was hardly reassuring as it is a complete loss of privacy of information believed to be secure, is a violation Best Buy’s customer privacy statement, and no notification has been issued by Best Buy warning customers of this problem.

As a result of the hack (or corrupted database) I immediately changed our password and will refrain from ordering anything from Best Buy until I receive a satisfactory response.  HD Guru cautions our readers to check their accounts to see if a change of the “ship to address” occurred. As a precaution, we also recommend readers change their password. Changing the email address associated with your account would not hurt either, as we know Best Buy’s customer email list was leaked back in April.

I contacted Best Buy corporate communications for an explanation. They are investigating and will provide a response to my inquiry sometime next week. I will repost upon receipt of their findings.


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  • Richard Orpheus

    In all fairness, that is a precaution put into place to deter fraud. If an individual is returning a huge amounts of tv’s around the country, they are most likely doing something illegal. The average consumer has little to fear from such tracking. I know people get paranoid about the tracking of thier purchases, and with good reason, but corporations do need to take precautions against those who seek to commit fraudulent acts against them.

  • David Hunter

    Lets not forget that Best Buy will not accept returns without a Drivers License number. Receipts don’t help, as they are transmitting your personal information to a third party called Retail Equation. They are tracking you for the rest of your life, even if the returned product was defective.
    Look at the section:
    Original Receipt and Valid Photo ID

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