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DLP, Microdisplay Rear Projection

Psst, Do You Want The Best Value In Big Screen HDTV? Get A DLP HDTV At An Incredible New Low Price 

UPDATE Nov. 25, 2008-A Samsung spokesperson in an email claims the price drops listed in this article are incorrect. However, no correct “New” prices have been provided by Samsung. The “New” MAP prices have been removed pending updated MAP price information from Samsung. The HD…

Laser HDTV, Product Reviews

Mitsubishi LaserVue L65-A90: First Tech Review of LASER HDTV-HD GURU Exclusive 

Key To Photos Top to Bottom: L65-A90 (front); L65-A90 (angle); Spectral Output LaserVue L65-A90; Spectral Output Samsung LCD LN-46A860; ———————————————————————————————- Overview Laser illuminated HDTV has arrived, in the form of a 10” deep 65” display. It represents Mitsubishi’s effort to capture the top rung of…