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LCD Flat Panel, Plasma

Three Hot Back To School HDTV Deals

Yesterday, we posted this week’s “Labor Day” sales (Check it out, its still posted at ). Today J&R began its “Back to School” promotion with three big screen flat panels at 22%-28+% off the retail price. The slow economy continues to force set makers…

LCD Flat Panel, Review

Mitsubishi’s LT-46149: The World’s First Flat TV With Built-In Surround Sound-HD GURU® Exclusive First Review

Mitsubishi’s soon to be released LASERVUE rear projection TV has been receiving a great deal of attention lately at the expense of its 2008 line of noteworthy LCD HDTVs. Last year Mitsubishi introduced a line of full-featured 1080p LCD HDTVs featuring 120 Hz refresh rate,…