appletvApple TV enthusiasts will soon be able to tune in “Game of Thrones” and other HBO classic programs through the launch Tuesday of the new HBO Now service on Apple’s digital media adapter, as well as iOS devices like iPads and iPhones.

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Apple TV and iOS device owners are now able to pay a $15 per month subscription fee to get access to HBO Now, without the need to pay for a hefty premium cable or satellite TV programming tier.

Subscribers will be able to view HBO programs with no further commitment, or previous subscription to HBO service (as the HBO GO service requires). In addition, anyone who signs up before April 30, will receive the first month free.

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Apple recently sweetened the pot by dropping the price of Apple TV from $99 to $69, and claims to have a three-month near exclusive on the launch of the HBO Now service on an Internet streaming device. Subscribers to Cablevision’s Optimum Internet service, will also have access to HBO Now through their computers.

Dish’s live over-the-top streaming service called Sling TV also said it will have a $15-per-month HBO service available before the April 12th season premiere of GoT, but that offering will be structured a little differently, offering a repackaged live HBO service with a library of on-demand features.

For now, HBO Now offers a very similar experience to the HBO Go service, without the need to carry a full-blown cable package. But Apple executives have hinted that the service could be enhanced over time with additional features and programming.

By Greg Tarr

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