Users of the latest 2015 Apple TV are in for a few added enhancements today, thanks to the new tvOS 9.2 update that just became available for a free download.

Apple revealed at a press conference Monday that its latest Apple TV set-top box is being updated with several new features that will found in Apple’s tvOS 9.2 update. Sorry, still no 4K support, though.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “People are absolutely loving the new Apple TV with its App Store and the new Siri Remote… Apps are the future of television and this transition is well under way. After a period of time since the Apple TV has been shipping, we have 5,000 apps on the App Store. There’s amazing content apps to enjoy all over the world.”

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Key new features coming to Apple TV through the firmware update include: “Folders” that lets users organize their apps and set up their home screens just the way they’ve been doing it on their iPhones.

Apple has also added “Siri Dictation” that lets users simply speak to enter text on the screen for such basic applications as filling out usernames and passwords without the hassle of an onscreen softkey. Of course, Siri can also be used to speak search commands to find programs or even apps in the App Store.

Also with today’s update, users now can add their entire iCloud Photo Libraries and photos taken and uploaded to iCloud using iPhones, iPads or Macs, for playback on the big screen.

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Before the update, the Apple TV could only access Photo Stream photos, which expire in time. Apple TV users can also watch Live Photos, where available. These are short video segments recorded before and after a still phone is captured.

Additional support has been added for Bluetooth keyboards, as well as a Podcast app. Starting today, users can download and update their latest version Apple TVs with the tvOS 9.2 update to add the new features.

By Greg Tarr


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