Over-the-air TV antenna solutions manufacturer, ANTOP Antenna, invited lovers to cut the cord on this Valentine’s Day.

ANTOP suggests giving that certain someone its new AT-204B photo frame/HDTV digital indoor antenna combo that makes it simple to cut-the-cord to a cable or satellite service, without cluttering the room with an unsightly pair of rabbit ears (unless you’re into that kind of thing).

The ANTOP photo frame/antenna combo (which carries a $32.99 selling price/ $46.99 suggested retail) is an antenna designed to look and perform as a conventional hard print photo frame (available in black or white) that will accept any 4 x 6 inch photo.

The Frame/Antenna comes with a 6-foot coaxial cable to attach to a television set within reach of the frame. The frame, which ships with a stand, can be filled with a favorite photo that viewers can enjoy, instead of having to stare at an unsightly mat or bar antenna dangling from a wall or ceiling.

The ANTOP frame/antenna serves dual duty as a powerful indoor antenna capable of helping a connected television receive free over-the-are TV broadcast stations in up to 720p/1080i high-def resolution. The antenna is also said to be 4K-ready, in the event that you one day swap out the HDTV for a new 4K Ultra HD model with a forthcoming ATSC 3.0 tuner, (once 4K TV transmissions become available your the area).

ANTOP, which is based in Ontario, Calif., said the over-the-air TV antenna is equipped with proprietary ANTOP Smartpass Amplifier technology that will help receive signals from a range of up to 50 miles from a transmission tower. The antenna, which makes up the flat backing on the picture frame, has a multi-directional reception pattern to pick up stations with minimal adjustment.

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The system is designed to allow an easy connection to the TV and delivers the correct balance between short and long-range reception, the company said.

In addition, a built-in 4G LTE filter blocks unwanted 3G and 4G wireless signals for noise-free digital TV reception.

The company said the AT-204B Photo Frame and Antenna Combo can be used with an extra TV in a bedroom, home office, or kid’s room where cable or satellite tuners aren’t possible or wanted.


By Greg Tarr


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