Cord-cutters who use or plan to use Sling TV should look into investing in a new AirTV dual-tuner over-the-air broadcast tuner adapter for the similarly named streaming media player box in order to watch one over-the-air channel while recording another.

The just-announced dual-tuner adapter is available now for $29, and people new to AirTV can purchase it in a bundle with an AirTV Player for $119.

AirTV is a streaming media player positioned at frugal cord-cutters by offering an over-the-air antenna terminal that allows connecting a separately sold antenna to combine free broadcast TV channels with popular streaming media apps, including Sling TV, to get a collection of the most popular basic cable channels at a bargain month fee.

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The Sling TV app has become a popular alternative to subscription cable and satellite TV services because it offers a collection of channels at a discount price without the need for credit checks or on-going subscription commitments.

The AirTV device features Wi-Fi connectivity, an Ethernet port, and pair of USB ports and an HDMI connector to link the device to a home network and a television.

Sling TV said the dual-tuner OTA adapter is compatible with the entire line of AirTV products (both the AirTV and AirTV Player).

With the new dual-tuner adapter, AirTV Player users can watch one OTA channel while recording another, or record two OTA channels simultaneously through AirTV Player’s Local Channels DVR. This allows users to record shows from free over-the-air broadcast channels using an external USB hard drive or thumb drive for storage.

Mitch Weinraub, director of product development for AirTV said, “Now, with the dual-tuner adapter, customers are able to watch their hometown team on a local channel while recording an episode of a popular show on a separate local channel, meaning they won’t miss any of their favorite programming.”

The dual-tuner capability will also allow recording two different channels at the same time.

The AirTV Player is a 4K Android TV-based streaming media device that launched last year to integrate Sling TV, Netflix, YouTube and thousands of apps from the Google Play Store with free local OTA channels on one platform.

It is especially useful for cord-cutters looking to use the Sling TV live streaming cable TV channel service.

Over-the-air channel integration requires an AirTV adapter and an OTA antenna, which are sold separately. The AirTV Player adapters can only be paired with AirTV Players.

A Sling TV account is not needed to use AirTV but the experience is more robust with it. Users can use AirTV to stream 4K Ultra HD resolution programs where available.


By Greg Tarr


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