Not everyone can afford to pay the price for a top-performing 4K Ultra HDTV with high dynamic range (HDR) capability.

Fortunately, there are some alternatives now coming to market, like a pair of high-value 4K Ultra HDTV series from Hisense.

The company announced Monday that the Hisense 2018 H6E 4K Smart TV series and Alexa-Enabled H8E 4K UHD LED-LCD TV series are now available at retailers across the country, including Walmart and Best Buy, respectively.

Both series support HDR10 metadata technology and present them at various levels of peak brightness determined by both the series and model. These sets are designed to maximize contrast up to the capability of the television, using Hisense’s built-in UHD Upscaler. The sets also up-convert lower resolution content as close to 4K as possible.

Models in both series also feature Hisense’s proprietary Smart TV platform offering access to the FOX Sports: 2018 FIFA World Cup Edition application, which will present via Internet streaming the World Cup in 4K HDR with five live video feeds and highlights from an additional 32 potential camera angles, Hisense said.

The Hisense H8 series TVs have been very popular as value-price 4K UHD/HDR LED-LCD TV options for the past couple of years. The 2018 H8E series hitting selling floors is expected to follow a similar path.

In addition to offering strong 4K resolution and rich colors, TVs in the series now include support for Amazon Alexa voice control. This will enable users running the Hisense Remote Now on a smartphone app or who purchase an optional voice-control remote with an included mic to speak commands and have the Alexa skill carryout a variety of functions, including changing source inputs, adjust volume levels and other tasks.

Models in the Hisense H8E series including the 43- 43H8E ($379.99 suggested retail); the 50-inch 50H8E ($449.99), the 55-inch 55H8E ($469.99), and the 65-inch 65H8E ($749.99), pictured at top.

Other features in the H8E models include direct backlit LED lighting with local dimming technology for deep black levels, HDR support, Motion Rate 120 (60 Hz native refresh rate) motion smoothing technology. The Hisense 65H8E combines Motion Estimatation Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology with backlight blinking for additional clarity.

Models in the series also feature Bluetooth audio for wireless connection to Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The H8E 4K UHD Smart TV models offer high-level picture quality and a stylish cabinet design that is 40 percent slimmer than last year’s versions.

Additionally, Alexa-capability integrated with the smart TV platform will enable controling other smart home products, including: light bulbs, door locks, and smart appliances.

The Hisense Smart TV platform pre-installs on the H8E models a host of the most popular streaming apps including: Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube and VUDU, with one-touch access to each through the remote buttons. Cord-cutters can also access live TV through apps including TikiLive. The smart TV platform features a customizable interface. The system’s app library also allows users to select from hundreds of additional apps to add to their platform.

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To optimize picture performance, the H8E televisions feature five manual gamma adjustment settings to optimize image brightness to the room, or users can leave the TVs in auto-gamma to make adjustments automatically out of the box. Models also include an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness room lighting.

For audio, the H8E Series includes a 14w speaker system on the 43-inch model, 20w on the 50- and 55-inch models and 30w on the 65-inch model.
The sound quality in the sets is further enhanced with proprietary acoustic chamber technology that Hisense said it uses to create a powerful bass and rich, consistent audio. The 55-inch H8E version uses sound developed in collaboration with Harman/Kardon.

Meanwhile, the Hisense H6E 4K Smart TV series models are now available nationally through Walmart stores and on These units are positioned as affordable 4K Ultra HDTVs capable of delivering bright colors, and rich contrast with good black level control.

The H6E Series also features Motion Rate 120 (60 Hz native refresh rate) motion smoothing technology, which Hisense said presents clear sports and responseive 4K gaming, in addition to realistic movies.

Audio in the series is enhanced using dbx-tv digital audio technology.

Models include the: 43-inch 43H6E ($288 Walmart price), the 50-inch 49H6E ($298 Walmart price), the 55-inch 55H6E ($378), the 60-inch 60H6E ($548) and the 65-inch 65H6E ($648).


By Greg Tarr


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