The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) issued the results from its 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey for TVs and major appliances showing LG ranking first in overall customer satisfaction for both categories.

The ACSI organization said LG “leapt to the top of the TV hierarchy this year, climbing 4% with an ACSI score of 83. ” The brand ranked at or near the top for most customer experience benchmarks, including durability, internal configurations, exterior design, and warranty.

The Index surveys customers’ ratings of their own consumer electronics product experiences and identifies top-rated brands for excellence based on this feedback covering performance, service repair, product durability, warranty coverage and other factors.

Between July 2022 and June 2023, the organization’s TV Study surveyed nearly 6700 U.S. consumers who recently purchased TVs from leading manufacturers to evaluate the quality of their experiences in a variety of categories.

In overall customer satisfaction scoring LG — followed by Samsung, Hisense and TCL, which tied for second, and others — had a strong showing in most customer experience benchmarks, including durability, internal configurations, exterior design, and warranty.

We reached out to the ACSI for clarification, and were told: “Among TV manufacturers, LG is the standalone winner in terms of overall customer satisfaction with a score of 83. Samsung [along with Hisense and TCL] tie for second, with an ACSI score of 82. The ACSI score is based on three specific questions that are used to measure all companies in all industries. That way the index is comparable across industries, instead of being tied to CX metrics that are unique to a given industry (and therefore not comparable).”

Samsung announced it earned top scoring from the survey in overall product quality and service experience.

“Obviously, product quality and service experience are important, but so are a variety of other factors the ACSI measures around perceived value, ease of use, design, sound quality, etc,” an ACSI spokesman told us. “These latter metrics affect all customers while some (such as the service experience) may be limited to certain customers with specific needs. When it comes to specific ratings like durability and warranty, Samsung and LG also tied for the top spot in a number of areas.”

According to the organization’s announcement, the gap between the highest and lowest brands in the ranking is shrinking (from 6 points in 2022 to 3 points in 2023). This includes a narrower gap in quality between “high-end” and “budget” brands — which is leading to the growing popularity of more affordable TVs, the organization pointed out.

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“Hisense is a good example of the payoff of balancing quality and affordability: The brand improves its ACSI score 4% to 82, placing it in a three-way tie for second place with Samsung (down 1%) and TCL (up 3%),” ACSI’s announcement said. “After boosting production, Hisense now ranks second — only behind Samsung — in number of TVs shipped and secures top marks for service experience, mobile app, website, and call center touchpoints.”

Sony, meanwhile, improved 3% to reach the industry average of 81. The group of other TV makers (was up 1%) and Vizio (up 4%) tied for last place at 80, ACSI said.

Samsung pointed out that its TVs ranked highly in ACSI scoring for satisfaction by screen size, durability and image and sound quality, as well as warranty coverage.

For major appliances, the ACSI study recorded a three-way battle for consumer satisfaction supremacy. Haier and Whirlpool both moved up 4% to share the top ranking with LG (up 1%) at 82. Haier’s sales have been soaring lately, and it’s now the world’s largest manufacturer of home appliances. Meanwhile, after two straight years of ACSI gains, Whirlpool secures top marks for durability and product quality.

Samsung, which improved 3% in major appliance scoring, came in just below the three leaders with a score of 81, and Bosch tallied the the industry’s biggest leap, rising 7% to 80.

The major appliance survey taken between July 2022 and June 2023, polled 5400 U.S. consumers who recently purchased appliances from leading manufacturers.

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