Vizio, a maker of low price flat panel LCD and Plasma HDTVs has modified its factory warranty on new Vizio televisions, less than one week after the HD Guru reported how in-warranty repairs by Vizio and other “no name” brands of HDTVs could cost consumers additional dollars, in the form of shipping charges for repairs or replacement. Vizio will now pay the shipping back to its facilities if its 42″ and larger HDTVs that can’t be repaired during a single on-site warranty service call.

The HD Guru spoke today (August 2) with a Vizio customer service representative about its policies. The HD Guru was informed that Vizio would make one attempt at the customer’s home to repair a broken Vizio HDTV (30” or larger). If the HDTV is not repaired on the visit, the customer must send the set back to Vizio. If the television is less than 42″ the customer still pays the return freight (during the one-year factory warranty), however, its policy has been changed for its sets that are 42″ or larger. Now Vizio pays the return freight, if the (42″ or larger) HDTV was purchased new (not refurbished), and needs repair within one year of purchase. The customer service rep added its flat panel HDTVs will not be repaired, but will be replaced with a new (not refurbished) unit after being received at Vizio. (Within the warranty period if its other listed conditions are met.).


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The revised added portion of the Vizio warranty now reads (bold added by the HD Guru)

During the one (1) year warranty period, VIZIO will, at its option and sole discretion, repair or replace defective parts, which may be new or remanufactured, including replacement of the entire unit. Please note that it may be determined that the unit cannot be repaired and must be replaced. In this case, the Customer may be required to ship the product to the service center indicated by VIZIO when the return authorization is provided. For displays forty-two inches (42″) and larger, VIZIO will cover the transportation charges to replace the unit. For displays under forty-two inches (42″), the Customer is responsible for transportation charges to the service center. VIZIO will be responsible for the return transportation charges from the service center to the Customer. VIZIO is not responsible for the de-installation or re-installation of the product.”

All other Vizio (in and out of) warranty policies are unchanged. As stated the July 28th “Your New Disposable Flat Panel HDTV” article, it still costs $1079 for a carton, shipping, parts and labor for an out-of-warranty repair on a 42″Vizio LCD HDTV, just $20 less than a new unit.

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