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While we normally provide articles about the best and latest in HDTV, today we focus our gaze on the oddest HDTVs we could find.

Some are “novelty” televisions with weird cabinets. Others are overpriced older tech and one is a professional monitor that costs more than most cars.

Prepare to be amused.

LG Classic TV

The LG 32LN630R Classic TV Television 32″ Full HD LED Retro Design IPS Display ($979.69) is a current model sold in Korea. As seen in the photo, it has dials like an old analog television. Inside, however, it’ssimilar to other LG 32-inch models. Of course a more “standard” style LG Electronics 32LB5800 32-Inch 1080p 60Hz Smart LED TV 2014 model sells for $369.99.


Hanna Montana 15-inch



Disney’s HM1500LT Hannah Montana 15-Inch LCD TV ($149.99) celebrates the character played by wholesome role model Miley Cyrus for 99 episodes. A must for any diehard fan, it’s a 15-inch 4:3 LCD without an HDMI input. It does have a component video input, so make sure your cable box has one.

The Disney Hannah Montana 13 inch TV ($64.99 not pictured) is a standard definition CRT television and has no listing on the types of a/v inputs.




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Disney Pirates of the Carrabean


Disney’s  Pirates of the Caribbean 15″ LCD TV ($129.99)  features a component video input as well and a VGA input so you can use it as a computer monitor as well. The screen resolution is 1024 x 768 with a 4:3 aspect ratio. Arrrrrr.


Apple tv (really handspree) 580






The Hannspree ST28FMUR 28″ Full HD1080p LCD ($199.99) doesn’t have anything to do with Apple, but is it a true HDTV with a 28-inch screen stuck in the middle. This TV includes an HDMI input. No seeds, however.Seiki Retro TV



The Seiki Digital SE22FR01 22-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV ($159.99) is another retro style HDTV with HDMI and VGA input to use as a computer monitor . This Seiki includes a remote control, which seems rather anachronistic to us.





Bose Video Wave III 55-inch pixThe Bose VideoWave III 55″ entertainment system ($5999.00) is a 55-inch 120 Hz LED LCD with a built-in Bose sound system. The TV appears to be Samsung’s 2013 55-inch $798.00 LED backlit LCD UN55FH6030. The VideoWave III has a depth of 5.5-inches while the Samsung’s is 3.7-inches.
A Bose customer service representative told HD Guru the sound system, which uses room reflections to stimulate rear channels, is closed to its Lifestyle 135 Series II Home Entertainment Systemwhich sells for $2499. For those without a calculator, that’s a $2500 sound system with a $900 TV that retails for $6000.



Dolby PRM_4220_front_large_660x495

Last is the Dolby PRM-4220, a Full HD 42-inch LED Backlit LCD reference monitor (no built-in ATSC tuner) that is capable of a very bright peak light output of 175 Ft lamberts (600 nits). It has 12-bit capability (most HDTVs and UHDTVs are 8-bit, except for Sharp’s Q+ and 4K models which are 10-bit). The 4220 contains approximately 1,500 red, blue and green LED triads which can each be dimmed for lowest black levels. The LCD panel is modulated by a complex Dolby algorithm. The inputs include Two BNC connectors, with support for 1.5G / 3G SDI / HDSDI, single and dual link, one HDMI 1.4 with HDCP 12-bit, and one DisplayPort 1.1 with HDCP 12-bit.

Part of this technology was included in the Dolby Vision demonstrations put on by Dolby, Sharp and others at the January CES.

The Dolby PRM-4220 is sold directly by Dolby for a $40,000. Unlike the other TVs here, however, the picture looks excellent.



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