The battle for consumer’s 3D TV dollars entered a new phase last week when LG began running TV ads claiming its passive “Cinema 3D” film patterned retarder (FPR) technology is superior to competitor’s active frame sequential 3D sets. Today Samsung returned fire with a drastic price drop and free package deals on its 3D glasses.

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Beginning May 1st, Samsung will reduce the price of its standard, battery-operated, 2011 3D glasses from $129.99 retail to $49.99 each,  a 61% price drop. In addition, beginning April 24th, Samsung will offer 2 free pairs of its 3D glasses (model SSG-3100) with the purchase of any Samsung 3D HDTV including the entry level D490 720p and  D590 1080p plasma series, which are currently priced from $699 on Amazon with free shipping.

Samsung is also expanding its free 3D “Starter Kit” offer to include LED series D7000 and D8000 models and plasma series D6500 , D7000 and D8000. The package includes: 3D Blu-ray discs Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek the Third, 2 pairs of Samsung 3D Active Glasses (model SSG-3100), and mail-in coupons for Shrek Forever After and Megamind 3D Blu-ray discs.

The free 3D Starter Kit offer begins on April 23rd. It’s an “either/or” deal, meaning consumers that get the free “Starter Kit” are ineligible for the other “free two pair of glasses” offer.

With either deal and the price drop, a family of four can now get four pairs of active glasses for under $100 retail, down from $599.96.

Samsung also announced it will reduce the price of its wrap-around rechargeable 3D glasses, which are currently $199.99. The new price will be announced soon.

LG’s passive 3D glasses start at $10, however its FPR technology reduces vertical resolution by 50% compared to active 3D TVs . Here’s a link to our article explaining the competing formats.


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