LG Electronics revealed just prior to its CES 2022 press conference some of its 4K and 8K OLED televisions for 2022 , highlighted by a massive 97-inch 4K OLED evo set, a 42-inch 4K OLED screen size and an expansion of high-brightness OLED technology in two model series.

Tim Alessi, LG Electronics U.S. director of new products, said the keys for the kickoff of the new year is to reinforce LG’s leadership role in OLED display technology behind its long exclusive or near-exclusive history in WOLED panel production.

The company is also continuing its QNED full-array with local dimming 4K and 8K Mini-LED-LCD lines using its hybrid Nano Cell/Quantum Dot color film layers.

2022 webOS Updates

For all 2022 LG webOS smart TV models the platform nomenclature is changing from the previous number ed version style to a version name indicating the year it was deployed. This way, new models will all be supporting “webOS 22.” The user interface (UI) is similar to 2021, with the new ability to set up to six different user profiles for customization of preferences based on viewing patterns.

Planned for an update in the second half of 2022 will be the addition of “Room-to-Room Share”, which will be added to the OS to bring the ability to take the signal from a source like a cable box or satellite TV set top in one room and send the signal to a remote TV in different room. This way viewers can tune into their subscribed premium live TV service from a remote TV temporarily without the need of a thin-client sharing device that often carries a rental fee. It also will allow changing channels from the secondary TV.

LG is also providing an Ambient Mode in select TV models that will display clocks, art, personal photos and special animations when the screen is not being used to watch television programs.

Also in 2022, all but LG’s entry series TVs will include an updated LG Magic Remote with built-in mics for voice control platforms to navigate the webOS program guide and settings. Select step-up series TVs will feature far-field mics for hands-free spoken commands.

2022 8K/4K LG OLED TV Models

With other brands expected to announce their entry in the self-emissive OLED display technology field this year, LG used CES 2022 to underscore its role as the leader of OLED technology since 2013, Alessi said.

This year’s LG premium OLED model series will be driven by the company’s proprietary Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor running a new algorithm called Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro. This is said to yield greater picture detail by expanding AI picture analysis and adjustment from a field of 576 different zones across the frame to more than 5000 zones. Alessi said this offers better upscaling of sub- 4K content up to 4K or 8K, depending on the model series, and better detailing of bright and dark areas in the image at one time.

The system also leverages improved object enhancement using a system that now adjusts foreground and background details separately to create pictures with a greater sense of depth.

To improve color reproduction for greater realism and gamut coverage, LG has enhanced color reproduction after working with a third-party lab called Intertech. The company tested and certified LG’s 2022 OLED TVs for 100% color fidelity (accuracy level). Alessi said Delta E errors all measured less than 2 across the range, which is considered imperceptible to the human eye. For comparison, the lab tested a number of competitors’ premium LCD TV models on the market and found many to be in only the 70% to 75% color accuracy range.

The 2022 LG OLED sets also have improved color volume, meaning the sets will maintain that color accuracy across a wider luminance range.

To achieve higher brightness levels in its 2022 premium 4K OLED series, LG has expanded its “evo” high brightness feature from one (the G1 series) to two series in 2022 (the C2 and the G2 series). When introduce last year, evo was said to have been based on “a newly formulated panel with the latest OLED materials providing a more precise wavelength for light with high brightness.” This year, that system has been combined with new algorithms and the more capable Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor to improve the picture performance in both series, while the 2022 G2 series models get an additional boost in brightness performance through the use of a “brightness booster.” This was described as special materials to help dissipate generated heat and prevent artifact and image retention issues, Alessi said.

In addition to adjusting images with AI technology, the OLED models offer new levels of sound enhancements from the TV’s internal processing and speaker systems. This includes a virtual up-mixing capability to create a simulated 7.1.2-channel surround sound effect. This is an improvement from last year’s 5.1-channel experience. Alessi said the sound processing improvements will bring more enhanced and spatial sound from TV speakers.

The 2022 OLED lineup also benefits from newly updated styling designs, which include refined and thinner bezels that have been reduced from 10mm to 6mm.

Note that pricing and availability for all of the following LG 2022 TV models will be announced closer to their release dates.

In the G2 Gallery Series models, the side view will appear thinner with the panel still fitting flush to the wall but giving a tighter appearance because of the reduction in the cabinet size.

The C2 and G2 Series will also use a new composite fiber material which are said to be very strong and light, to assist in mounting and reduce damage risk in shipping.

The 2022 LG OLED lineup also gets two new screen sizes, expanding at both ends of the range. This includes a new 42-inch OLED model and a 97-inch G2 series model, up from the previous largest 4K OLED size of 83-inches in the 2021 G1 Series.

2022 OLED Series will be comprised of the following series: A2, B2, C2, G2 and Z2. The Z2 models are updated 8K sets.

The Z2 8K Series has been refreshed in 2022 to include models running LG’s best Alpha 9 Gen 5 8K AI processor to enhance the 120Hz native refresh rate images produced on the WOLED panels. Models include the 77- and 88-inch screen sizes, with the 77-inch model featuring the LG “Gallery Design” that makes the screen appear to look like a framed painting.

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The G2 evo Series brings a new thinner design and as mentioned the new massive 97-inch screen size. All models are equipped with the Alpha 9 Gen 5 4K AI processor and use 120Hz native refresh rate WOLED panels equipped to deliver the aforementioned brighter “evo technology” pictures boosted with a new heating-resisting materials in combination with brighter processing algorithms from handled by the processor.

The G2 series screen sizes include 55-, 65-, 77-, 83- and 97-inches. In addition, the 83-inch G2 model will now be wall mountable.

The C2 Series will add a boost in brightness with last year’s evo technology added (found in 2021 G1 models) but enhanced using the Alpha 9 Gen 5 4K AI processor. All but the 42- and 48-inch screen size models in the series will have the evo brightness enhancement.

This includes evo-supported C2 screen sizes in 55, 65, 77 and 83 inches. All models have 120Hz native refresh rate WOLED panels, and the 55- and 65-inch models will be compatible with the LG’s Gallery Stand. The 42- and 48-inch models will be compatible with the special Gallery Floor Stand.

At the more affordable end of the range, the new B2 series will include the 77-, 65- and 55-inch screen sizes. All with have 120Hz native refresh rate WOLED panels, but stepping down to LG Alpha 7 Gen 5 AI 4K processor.

A 65-inch wall-mounted LG 65B2 4K OLED

The 65 and 55-inch B2 series models will be compatible with the Gallery Stand.

The entry A2 series will include the 48, 55, 65 and 77-inch screen sizes. All four will include the Alpha 7 Gen 5 4K AI processor, like the B2 series, but all models in this series will step down to 60Hz native refresh rate WOLED panel. The 55- and 65-inch models will be compatible with the Gallery Stand.

2022 LG OLED TV Gaming Improvements

As for gaming capability in 2022, LG will continue to offer the Game Optimizer and Game Dashboard features introduced in 2021, but with a few improvements. For 2022 the Game Dashboard is being expanded to provide a little more information on the top screen “to save users a few clicks” in getting to adjustments on the fly.

On the full UI, the Game Optimizer now adds a fifth mode for Sports Gaming, along with a Dark Room Mode to optimize the picture for gaming in darker room settings. In addition, LG OLEDs are the only OLED televisions to be certified for NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility. The sets also support AMD FreeSync Premium and generic VRR in 2022.

Regarding support for built-in over-the-air ATSC 3.0 “NextGenTV” tuning in 2022, only the G2 and C2 Series OLED models will include the feature built in, Alessi said.

For HDMI inputs all C2 series OLED models on up offer HDMI 2.1 at full 48Gbps capability on all four inputs, according to Alessi.


In 8K and 4K LED-LCD technology, LG continues to offer its QNED full-array with local dimming LED-LCD models, several of which include mini-LED backlight. LG first introduced QNED sets in 2021, each offering hybrid Nano Cell/Quantum Dot emissive layers for more accurate and wider color gamut support. The QNED system employs a blue LED backlight which sends photons to the green Quantum Dot layer and the red Nano Cell layer to produce a wider and more accurate boost in color and color volume. It estimates that this QNED emissive layer yields color gamut coverage exceeding 90% of the DCI-P3 wide color space in some series.

All QNED model series support Dolby Atmos surround sound decoding and Dolby Vision IQ HDR. LG also includes support for its AI Picture Pro and AI Sound Pro features that automate the process of optimizing images and sound to the environment through the set’s processing systems. AI Picture Pro instantly analyzes pictures for faces, bodies, and other objects and then automatically applies enhancements to sharpen details and produce the most natural looking images possible. AI Sound Pro uses adaptive sound control to automatically adjust frequency range and sound field extension, optimized for the genre of the content being played by the set.

Also offered in QNED series TV models is FreeSync Variable Refresh Rate gaming support.

The top-of-the-line QNED99 series features 8K LED-LCD TVs and will include its best Alpha 9 Gen 5 8K AI processor with LG’s full-array Precision Dimming Pro mini-LED QNED backlighting system. The sets include enhanced IPS-panel technology for wide angle viewing that is guaranteed to provide 100% color consistency at 30% off axis, the company said.

The QNED90 and QNED85 4K series also feature full-array with local dimming mini-LED backlighting. Each series includes an ascending number of Mini-LEDs and dimming zones, which LG does not disclose.

The QNED90 and QNED85 4K Series models offer Precision Dimming full-array Mini-LED backlight technology using a step-down Alpha 7 Gen 5 4K AI processor.

The entry QNED80 4K Series lists the Alpha 7 4K AI processor put a less-powerful “Dimming Pro” processing system.

2022 LG Soundbars

LG recently announced its latest soundbar offerings that have been designed to reflect the top needs raised by consumers, Alessi said. This includes clarity of dialog; theater-like experiences from wireless surround speakers and deep bass.

With this in mind, LG sought to improve soundbar performance in 2022 by enlarging its speakers and redesigning cabinets across the board, Alessi said. The company also sought to improve connectivity through circuitry upgrades with wireless rear-channel speaker kits to ensure the experience is very stable and consistent.

To enhance dialog clarity, some of LG’s soundbar models feature up-firing center channel speakers to improve sound along a horizontal plane. This driver, which is angled slightly forward, serves to improve not only the volume but the height of the emitted sound to keep voices distinct and sharp from the surrounding background effects, Alessi said.

He pointed out that this is not an up-firing speaker that is part of a Dolby Atmos or DTS:X 360 degree immersive surround sound experience, but rather a separate up-firing center channel driver intended to isolate and clarify dialog.

In its flagship soundbar model, LG has also sought to improve the rear-channel up-firing speakers to 6-channel up-firing speakers (adding a second speaker along the horizontal plane) to produce a much wider sound field sitting anywhere in the room. This is said to produce more robust left and right channel sound.

For music, LG continues to work with Meridian Technology to upscale 2-channel music to 5.1-channel sound.

Most of the new LG soundbar models support Hi-Rez Audio up to at least 24-bit/192KHz sound.

LG continues to ensure its soundbars integrate well with the on-board sound processing supported inside its TVs. This means that sound processed by the television, like Dolby Atmos and other sound shaping features, will be passed on to the soundbar for optimized output and interactive support with the single TV Magic Remote and the uses of Bluetooth for some elements of wireless installations.

Wireless SoundSync will not work with Dolby Atmos over Bluetooth, but LG is introducing this year a new accessory called FileCast, that is a tiny box about the size of a deck of playing cards that has been designed to sit behind the television and to plug into the set’s eARC/HDMI port to deliver a lossless Dolby Atmos signal wirelessly to the soundbar.

In 2022, many of LG’s soundbars are designed to pass-through 4K, HDR and many of the new HDMI advanced features for gamers.

LG has also upgraded is AI Auto Room Sound Calibration for 2022, with and even more precise process that matches more closely along the lower frequency range for overall better mapping of sound output for the room.

Among the soundbar models are the following:

LG SPQ8 Soundbar 140 watt, 2-channel soundbar system, compatible with rear speaker kits including the S80QY and S90QY.

LG S60Q is a 300 watt/ 2.1-channel soundbar with Dolby Atmos virtual surround sound support, and packages a wireless subwoofer.

LG S65Q is a 380 watt / 3.1 channel soundbar optimized with Meridian Technology tuning. It supports DTS Virtual X surround sound enhancement.

LG S80QY is a 470 watt / 3.1.3-channel Atmos/DTS:X soundbar with Meridian Technology and up-firing center channel speaker.

LG S90QY is a 580 watt / 5.1.3-channel soundbar supports Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, with Meridian Technology and an up-firing center channel speaker.

LG95QR is an 810-watt / 9.1.5-channel soundbar with Cinematic Surround Sound. It includes an up-firing center speaker and 6-channel up-firing rear speakers, Meridian Technology tuning, support for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and IMAX Enhanced content, AI Room Calibration, 2 HDMI inputs including 1 with eARC and support for VRR/ALLM, works with Google Assistant/Alexa/AirPlay 2 and Spotify Hi-Fi compatible.

Highlighting LG’s 2022 wireless speaker offerings is the recently introduced XBOOM 360 speaker that emits omnidirectional 360-degree sound without distortion or blind spots presented by the use of multiple drivers. This optimizes sound for listening from any spot in the room, LG said.

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