Consumer satisfaction research firm J.D. Power recently released its “2016 TV Satisfaction Report,” which ranked Samsung highest among all other brands in the 50-inch and larger TV screen-size segment and Sony highest among all other brands in TVs with screen sizes under-50-inches.

The annual report, which measures customer satisfaction with their TVs purchased in the past 12 months, used a 1,000-point satisfaction score based on: performance/reliability, features, price, ease of operation, built-in online capabilities, customer service and warranty.

The brands showing up in the data for 2016 included: Element, Emerson, Hisense, LG, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and Vizio.

Rankings for the top brands in the 50-inch and over category in 2016 are: Samsung, LG, Sony, Emerson, Sharp and Vizio.

The rankings for under 50-inch TVs are: Sony, Samsung, LG, Hisense, Vizio, Emerson, and Element.

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JDPOWERratings2016                 JD Power 2016 50-inch and over TV customer satisfaction rankings.

Samsung took the top honors in the large-screen segment once again with a score of 859. However, Sony, knocked Samsung out of the top spot in under 50-inch TVs with a score of 843. The finding is ironic in that Sony altered its marketing strategy to emphasize fewer models, and more premium features, including larger screen sizes.

Samsung has long had one of the industry’s largest assortments of screen sizes and feature packages. Meanwhile, Vizio has been a leading brand in major department store chains like Walmart and the warehouse clubs, where a lot of smaller screen models are sold in addition to value-driven big-screen models.

JDPowerunder50                   JD Power 2016 Under 50-inch TV customer satisfaction rankings.

J.D. Power said the study used a panel of online respondents who purchased a flat-panel TV in the last 12 months.

The company said brands are not listed in the questions. The purchased brand and size is self-reported. The data does not dig down to the specific model level.

Among the study findings: shoppers with a TV 50 inches or larger were generally more satisfied than those with a smaller TV with a tally of 845 points to 812.

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Price was the key consideration for all shoppers with 66 percent of under-50-inch TV owners listing price as the primary reason for their selection, compared with 55 percent among those who purchased a TV measuring 50-inches or larger.

Ultra HDTVs took a larger percentage of the survey accounting for 52 percent of the 50-inch-and-larger TVs. It accounted for 25 percent for the smaller screen segment.

Eighty percent of shoppers with 50-inch and larger said their TV had smart TV features to stream content like Netflix, while 59 percent of the smaller TVs said the same or similar functionality.

Some 27 percent of those who purchased a TV 50 inches or larger opted for a curved screen (underscoring the strong showings by Samsung and LG, which sell the most curved screen models in the United States. Only 17 percent of under 50-inch TVs purchased by the panel were curved.


HD Guru requested a list of the top complaints cited most often by respondents who participated in the 2016 survey.

The top three complaints cited the most in the study include: 1) glare and/or reflection on the screen; 2) TV doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi network and 3) the remote control doesn’t work properly.

According to a J.D. Power representative: “We don’t include additional details in the survey though we intended to capture the following: TV does not turn on: no audio and no video (it is dead).”

By Greg Tarr


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