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New York TV retailer Value Electronics will be conducting their 10th annual TV Shootout this Saturday August 16th and Sunday August 17th. All the contending models are optimized for best, most accurate performance prior to the event. The team is lead by veteran ISF TV calibrator Kevin Miller. Audience members will hear presentations from manufacturers and TV industry renowned experts. Next, they will be shown a series of test patterns and video content on all the competing displays, then vote for best TV. We spoke to Value Electronics proprietor Robert Zohn to learn the list of TVs that made the final cut and how our readers can watch the event streamed live. Details appear after the break.

Zohn provided HD Guru with the set-up photos. The competing UHD 4K models are:


UN105S9  curved panel 105-inch 21:9 aspect ratio back-lit LED LCD with local dimming . This is the most expensive model in the competition selling for $120,000

UN78HU9000 curved panel 78-inch edge-lit LED LCD with local dimming

UN85HU8550 flat panel 85-inch LED LCD back-lit with local dimming


XBR85X950B flat panel 85-inch LED LCD back-lit with local dimming

XBR79X900B flat panel 79-inch edge-it LED LCD with local dimming

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Competing HDTV models are


PN64F8500 flat panel plasma

KN55S9 curved panel OLED


55EC9300 curved panel OLED

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Attendees may vote on their favorite display by scoring various factors of image quality including contrast ratio, peak brightness, black level, color accuracy, color saturation, detail and motion resolution.

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This year special guests include Dr. Larry Weber and Joe Kane. Dr. Weber is known for his pioneering research into the development and commercialization of full color plasma display technology. He will appear on Sunday.

Joe Kane is the co-founder of the Imaging Science Foundation and currently is working on developing and recommending standards for future Ultra HD 4K displays. He will appear Saturday and Sunday.

The Saturday Shootout will be streamed starting a 6:00 pm eastern time. Sunday’s will begin at 3:00 pm eastern. Here is the link to the live stream .


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