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Update 3/31/09 In Bold
Best Buy’s weekly sale circular for Sunday 3/29-4/4 features the following 2009 Samsung models LN32B530, LN46B550, UN40B600, UN46B7100, UN55B7100, PN42B450- All of these “sale” models are priced at full retail (MAP). The PN50B450 is $100 lower, however, this appears to be a MAP price drop, not a discount. Will try to confirm this on Monday.

(3/26/09) Though March 31st 2009 is the earliest date Samsung might officially announce its retail pricing, the company began shipping many of its latest flat panel HDTVs to dealers last week.  The HD Guru®’s goal is to give you the tools to help you make informed buying decisions, so we’ve compiled the following information from industry sources.  We’ll be updating this article as more data comes in, so please check back often.

The 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 series products provide cosmetic changes with new styling.  The 5 series and above utilize a colored external bezel edge Samsung calls “Touch of Color.”  The 3, 4, and 5 series products are all 60 HZ and sport new anti-reflective screen coatings with associated higher dynamic contrast ratios.  Changes include an additional HDMI input and specification changes are detailed below.  All 6 series products 32” and above are 120 Hz, the 7 series models are  “true” 240 Hz refresh.  To date all other companies (except Sony) 240 Hz products are really 120 Hz refresh with a scanning backlights.

The 6000, 7000 and 8000 models use top, bottom, left and right edge mounted white LEDs with a new type of layered diffusers to achieve a depth of 1.2”. All are rated 3,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.  Unlike the 2008 950 models, where the LEDs were placed behind the panel, these panels cannot provide local dimming, which achieved very deep blacks when a section’s LEDs are “shut off”.

All 2009 series products have a “B” in the models number i.e. LN46B650. Samsung 2008 HDTVs have an “A” in the model number.

CCFL lamp backlit B650 (32” and above) and B7 Series, as well as LED edge lit series 7000 and 8000 models have Ethernet connectivity featuring access to content from Yahoo!, Flickr and YouTube.

Below is a list of latest models that will be arriving at dealers during the next eight or so weeks, as well as a comparison of the 2008 series the 09s are replacing.

3 Series

2009s are available in 19”, 22”, 26”, and 32” sizes, The 3 series models are all now true 16:9 (the smaller ones were 16:10 last year).  Resolution is now 1365 x 768 (its usually called 720p) across the series.  Dynamic contrast ratio (an meaningless spec except perhaps comparing the same company’s products) is increased from 2008 3,000:1 to 15,000:1.  2009s have one HDMI input for 19” and 22” models, while 26” and 32” have 2 HDMI inputs (as well as component video and composite video) and response time is unchanged at 8 milliseconds.  All are 60 Hz refresh.

Verdict: Go with a 2009 for the right aspect ratio in the 19” and 22” sizes.  In the 26” and 32, at the right closeout price, you should opt for the 2008 leftover.

4 Series

Available this year in the 22”, 26”, and 32” screen sizes.  No specs are currently available for this series so a comparison cannot be made.

5 Series

2009s are available in the 32”, 37” 40”, 46”, and 52” screen sizes.  All feature a 60 Hz refresh rate.  New specs are: 60,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for 530 models and 70,000:1 for 550 models, (up from 15,000:1 in 2008), 3 HDMI inputs (except the 46” and 52” B550 models which have 4), 6ms response time (increased from 5 ms for the 2008s, lower is better).

Verdict: If you may need 4 HDMI inputs (the 2008s have 2 or 3 depending on size/ model) and don’t plan to use an external switcher within a surround sound receiver, you will want a 2009 model.  If you’re a action or sports fan and don’t require 4 HDMI inputs now or in the future (such as a external box like VUDU in addition to a cable/satellite box and a Blu-ray player) opt for a good closeout price on the 2008 models.

6 Series

2009s are available in the 19” 22”, 32”, 37” 40”, 46”, 52”, and 55” screen sizes.  Specs include 120 Hz and 1080p (except for 19” and  22” which is 720p and 60 Hz with 15,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio), 4 HDMI inputs, 4 ms response rate is the same as 2008).  Dynamic contrast ratio goes up to 100,000:1, up from 50,000:1 for the 2008s.

Verdict: Go for a hot closeout deal on the 2008 A6 series

7 Series

The 2009 7 series HDTVs are available in the 40”, 46” and 52” screen sizes. Features include: 1080p (1920 x 1080) Full HD Resolution, 150,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio.  Auto Motion Plus 240Hz. Touch of Color Design, 2ms Response Time, USB 2.0 Picture-In-Picture (PIP), 4 HDMI inputs, Crystal Neck Swivel Stand.

The 2008 A7 series has a 120 Hz refresh rate and 4 ms response time.

Verdict: The motion resolution improvement with 240 Hz can make a compelling case for the 2009 B7 series models for potential buyers that watch sports or action movies.

6000 Series

Available in the 32”, 40”, 46”, and 55” screen sizes features a thin 120 Hz, 1080p resolution, and a 1.2” depth using white LED mounted around the edge of the panel.  Samsung has not released response time specs, dynamic contrast ratio is rated at 3,000,000:1. Samsung has begun shipping  these models to dealers.  All models have 4 HDMI inputs and a 2 USB jacks. There are no similar 2008 models.

7000 Series

These 7000 series models are available in the 40”, 46”, and 55” screen sizes with 1080p resolution.  Like the 6000s, this series is 120 Hz refresh and 1.2” deep.  All have 4 HDMI inputs and 2 USB jacks.  No rated response time, dynamic contrast ratio is rated at 3,000,000:1 ratio specifications are currently available.  There are no similar 2008 models.

8000 Series

Available in the 46” and 55” screen sizes with 1080p resolution.  The main feature improvement from the 7000 series is a 240 Hz refresh rate.  Samsung to date has not released it final specifications for response time, dynamic contrast ratio is rated 3,000,000:1.  There are no similar 2008 models.

8000 Series –May 2009

7000 Series –March 2009 (46-inch class and larger)
April 2009 (40-inch class)

6000 Series –
March 2009 (40-inch class and larger)
June 2009 (32-inch class)  


Samsung to date has not released any specs on its new plasmas and only a limited number of model pricing is currently available.  The greatest improvement (if it delivers as promised) is the 600 Hz sub-fields for of its 1080p plasma HDTVs, which Samsung claims full 1080p motion resolution.  HD Guru will update this section as more information becomes available.

Prices by Screen Size (All prices listed are “Minimum Advertised Price”

Model            MAP

LN19B360        $299.99
LN19B361        $299.99
LN19B650        $349.99
LN22B360        $349.99
LN22B460        $399.99
LN22B650        $469.99
LN26B360        $459.99
LN32B360        $549.99
LN32B460        $649.99
LN32B530        $799.99
LN32B550        $899.99
LN32B650        $1199.99
UN32B6000      $1599.99
LN37B530        $849.99
LN37B550        $999.99
LN37B650        $1299.99
LN40B530        $899.99
LN40B550        $1099.99
LN40B630        $1399.99
LN40B650        $1699.99
LN40B750        $1999.99
UN40B6000      $2299.99
UN40B7000      $2499.99
LN46B530        $1299.99
LN46B550        $1499.99
LN46B630        $1799.99
LN46B650        $2099.99
LN46B750        $2399.99
UN46B6000      $2799.99
UN46B7000      $2999.99
UN46B7100      $2999.99
UN46B8000      $3299.99
LN52B530        $1799.99
LN52B550        $1999.99
LN52B630        $2299.99
LN52B750        $2899.99
LN55B650        $2999.99
UN55B6000      $3599.99
UN55B7000      $3799.99
UN55B7100     $3799.99
UN55B8000      $3999.99


PN42B450        $799.99
PN50B450        $1199.99
PN50B550        $1799.99
PN58B560        $2699.99
PN58B650        $2899.99
PN63B550        $3499.99

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