Do you like to save money?  Now is a great time to buy a new HDTV.  Due to current economic conditions, vendors and retailers are sitting on huge inventories of 2008s and must move them out to make room for the 2009s.  The result?  Unprecedented deep discounts and factory price markdowns on closeout 2008s are now at Best Buy, J&R, Costco, Vanns and Frys.  The HD Guru has analyzed and compared prices to find this week’s best deals.

Are you thinking of waiting for the 2009 model HDTV?  Look at our Sony and Panasonic Part 1 and Part II comparisons to learn the changes for 2008 to 2009.  Samsung hasn’t posted its specs yet however, our CES notes reveal the 2009 “B” series 300, 400, 500 and 600 series LCD products have minor performance changes, the most significant one is a new, shiny, anti-reflective screen coating.

Best Buy is sweetening the deal this week by offering “free” delivery, hook-up and removal of your old TV free with the purchase and any HDTV $999 & up.  Here’s what the HD Guru found in this Sunday’s Best Buy circular, as well as the March 8 J&R ad, Costco (warehouse club) and online pricing from Frys ( and Vann’s (

Compare these great deals with HD Guru’s Pricegrabber webpage located at (Link) Happy bargain hunting.  (Key Sam=Samsung; Son=Sony; Pan=Panasonic; FS=Free Shipping, NL= Not Listed (Costco does not provide prior pricing)

Make/Model               Was         Now          Store

Son/KDL46XBR6      $2299.99    $1699.99    JR
Son/KDL52W4100    $2199.99    $1549.99    JR
Son/KDL40Z4100B   $1699.99    $1199.99    JR
Sam/LN46A650        $2099.98    $1549.98    Vanns FS
Pan/TH58PZ800       $3699.97    $2469.97    Vanns FS
Son/KDL46Z4100     $2199.98    $1699.88    Vanns FS
Son/KDL52V4100    $1999.97    $1499.97    Vanns FS
Sam/PN50A650       $1999.97    $1499.97    Vanns FS
Sam/LN52A650       $2699.97    $1999.97    Vanns FS
Sam/PN50A550       $1799.97    $1299.98    Vanns FS
Sam/LN52A750       $2899.98    $2139.98    Vanns FS
Sam/PN58A650       $3499.98    $2399.88    Vanns FS
Son/KDL52W4100   $2499.98    $1749.98    Vanns FS
Sam/LN52A550       $1999.99    $1399.00    Frys FS
Sam/LN46A650       $2099.99    $1397.00    Frys FS
Son/KDL52V4100    $1999.99    $1449.00    Frys FS
Pan/TH50PZ85       $2199.99    $1299.00    Frys FS
Pan/TH50PZ85            NL        $1299.99    Costco
Pan/TH46PZ85       $1899.99    $1099.00    Frys
Pan/TH46PZ80            NL        $ 989.99    Costco
Sony/KDL46XBR6   $2699.99    $1699.00    Frys FS
Son/KDL40V4100    $1299.99    $1099.99    BB
Sam/LN40A530        $899.99     $799.99      BB

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