Vizio Issues a Recall On Large Screen LED LCD HDTVs

April 4th, 2013 · 48 Comments · Connected TVs, LED LCD Flat Panels, News

Vizio recall

Recently Vizio put up a special bulletin on its website stating a number of its  2012 60-inch E601i-A3 and 70-inch E701i-A3 HDTVs may lose the picture (but maintain audio) due to a bad “chip assembly”. Vizio did not disclose the number of TVs affected. Fortunately, unlike its problem in 2011 when owners reported Vizio HDTVs smoking or catching on fire, this is NOT a safety issue, the affected TVs will simply go black.

Vizio is offering a warranty part replacement on all the units with the bad chip assembly. Vizio will replace a recalled TV that has already lost its picture with a new unit (not a refurbished one as they customarily do) according to its customer service representative. Vizio HDTVs are sold by Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, BJs and Sam’s Club. All the recall details appear after the break.

Our research indicates the Vizios with the bad chip assembly were made and offered for sale in the 4th quarter of 2012. We checked our local Costco and verified all the E601i-A3 and E701i-A3 now being sold are new production, past the serial numbers of the recalled models.

HD Guru recommends to all readers with one of these HDTVs that fall under the serial numbers below to call the Vizio customer service phone number now. Don’t wait to see if the screen goes black as there is no way to tell if the affected chip assembly will become back ordered in the future.

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Vizio is also extending the warranty on affected TVs (within the listed serial numbers) from one to two years for this issue. Below is a verbatim copy of its “Special Bulletin”. It is on their website here.

“A limited number of VIZIO’s E-Series 60” and 70” LED Smart TVs (model numbers E601i-A3 and E701i-A3) may experience a loss of video due to premature failure of a chip assembly sourced from a supplier.  VIZIO is working with its suppliers, retailers and consumers to resolve the issue as quickly as possible for affected users.  As part of its continued dedication to customer satisfaction, VIZIO is proactively communicating with its customers through direct contact with registered owners, through VIZIO’s retailers and through online and social media about the potential issue, what to look for, and how to reach VIZIO’s dedicated support team to receive help.


What is the Nature of the Issue and Affected Range of Products?

In a small percentage of units with serial numbers in the ranges of LFTRNWAN3800001 to LFTRNWAN4805300 for Model E601i-A3 and LFTRNXAN4500001 – LFTRNXAN4702936 for Model E701i-A3, users may experience a loss of video on the display although audio can still be heard.  This issue is attributed to a limited batch of chip assemblies from a supplier, in which there is a small percentage chance that the chip assembly prematurely fails; this causes the timing control board to be disabled, which disrupts the video signal to the display.  This potential issue appears to occur typically around the first 500 hours of usage or first few months of normal usage and does not present a safety concern.

What is VIZIO’s Response to Action?

VIZIO has promptly notified its customers of the possible issue so that affected users can have their units repaired or replaced free of charge.  In addition, VIZIO is also extending its standard one-year limited warranty to two years from the date of purchase for this specific issue to ensure that customers who purchased the E601i-A3 or E701i-A3 can continue to enjoy their TV with full peace of mind.

What Should VIZIO Customers do?

If you have a VIZIO E-Series 60” or 70” TV with a serial number that falls within the ranges of LFTRNWAN3800001 to LFTRNWAN4805300 for Model E601i-A3 and LFTRNXAN4500001 – LFTRNXAN4702936 for Model E701i-A3 and experience a loss of video, please call VIZIO’s Customer Care team toll free at 855-209-4106 or email them at: [email protected] to directly reach our dedicated service team who will assist in resolving your issue as quickly as possible.

VIZIO’s Commitment

Since its founding more than a decade ago, VIZIO has taken pride in its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.  Standing behind that commitment, VIZIO is taking prudent measures to reach customers to inform them of this situation and provide expedited support for affected users.  With its all-U.S. based award-winning support team, VIZIO remains committed to taking care of its customers.”



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  • Frank

    I bought a 70 inch Visio shortly after I purchased it and the screen went black they would not replace it they simply sent a repair man now two years later the same problem it’s out of warranty so Vizio will not take care of it tried to call the same repair place they sent last time no answer leave a voicemail and they say they will call you back but I’ve been waiting for a week . Now I see that the model I have had a recall and Visio still won’t take care of the problem. Can someone say class action lawsuit !

  • Lisa eddins

    I have a VIZIO E601i-A3E screen started to flicker and then would go black but I still had sound. We would shut it off and on and sometimes it would work but now the tv will come on for few minutes and then shut itself off or sometimes not come on at all we tried powering it down and that will allow it to come on for a minute but will still shut itself off we thought maybe it was the outlet but it’s not. An expensive tv for it to only work for two years. I have an old Panasonic that is 17 years old that still works. This is very disappointing

  • Michael

    Same thing, just over two years and the E701i-A3 screen faded to black with only sound. I’m still paying for something that is now a giant paper weight! Was told I’m out of luck since it’s just over the 2 year warranty they extended due to a known problem, should have made it a 3 year warranty for all the people who were effected right after the 2 year warranty was up. Never again will I punches anything Vizio. I am disappointed because before I got the tv I read only good reviews….

  • yuk

    2014 Vizio 47in smart TV black lines and black spots only 15 months or so old ?!!?? Sux they told me I was outta luck never again vizio..!)

  • Paul

    Our 60 ” screen just went blank on one side, Call Customer service and they said it wasn’t the same problem as screen going totally blank so they’re not responsible for the TV. Offer to send an area rep to fix it but it would in the neighborhood of 500.oo. I will not buy another Visio TV.

  • Ernie

    WOW so i also have a 1000.oo Vizio peace of crap boat achor! 60in E601i-A3 smart junk, bought jan 2013 . Runs 15 minutes makes a very loud screaming sound then goes blank

  • 70"brokenTV

    Wow, Vizio Does not like to hear about Blogs that talk about the common defect in all there TV’s. Got one of the 70″ that is still under warranty. They Change there tune when you mention its all over the blog. They get kinda defensive but change there tune. then the Customer service rep will put you on hold a few times and then they get a rude attitude. Looks like all the Visio TV’s have problems. Wether it is a day, month or a year, they are gonna break. with a Excuse and a attitude for a reason.
    You know walmart is loving live with all the Deffects they have sold. Best not to push junk off on Walmart. GoodBye Vizio

  • lonnie jones

    I have an e701i-a3 that has went out on me a few months back. I still have it but I don’t have the receipt. Can I still call it in for a recall and get another?

  • glenn jones

    I bought a 60 vizio in dec 2014 and it developed black blobs on the bottom of the screen and then lines started to appear which finally covered half the screen. we have fought customer service for hours and they have given us three reasons from three different people for the problem and of course all of them are our fault. these people are dung just like their tvs!!!!!!

  • Robert Colipapa

    Well today I gave Vizio one last chance after 3 fail 70″ TV in a 2yr 2months time,they offer a 70″ at $1000.00((due to out of warranty dept. refuse to repair this model) I ask for some type of discount on a different higher price model.The discount is only for a same replacement.Why would I want the same defective model,and I offer to pay more for a upgrade.Buyers beware….your TV may you good now but it won”t last and their customer service is as bad as their TVs.Thank you Vizio you lost a customer for life…..

  • Evelyn Robinson

    I was given as a Christmas gift 2014 a Vizio E320-AO 32 in. Happy since I only had an old 19 inch forever. yesterday it went deaf, dumb, and blind. Cable company came today because I thought it had to do with cable. They informed me to contact Company, since they couldn’t even assist me for free as it was not a cable issue. I am disabled, living in Senior, and would love to get some assistance, and or info. Please respond, THANK YOU.

  • Evelyn Robinson

    I have only submitted today! Stated I had already done so as duplicate?????

  • Denise Thomas

    I bough this 70″ tv Vizio razor serial no:lftrnxcp3803797,model no: vizio E701i-A3e not even a year ago and screen just went black with no picture,no sound adout 2 hours ago.I paided a lot for this tv and didn’t enjoy it for year.I’m a single parent can’t afford to replace this tv,this is not right.I must agree with the others if this vizio tv have a recall it should have been public knowledge. Please stand behind your product are i will pursue other actions

  • Malathon

    I bought a 42 inch M series this past January then I lost picture on 2 out of 4 HDMI ports.

  • Michele

    Our 60 inch Vizio just crapped out on us! Had no idea of the recall!! Would have been nice to know this, would have returned it!!?

  • Kelly

    I’m not understanding how you can sell these TV’s when you know that there is a problem with them. When you recall a product due to you manufacturing a piece of shit and making a lot of money off of it that would make you a crook!! When a company has a recall on a product they should fix the problem regardless. Vizio doesn’t stand by their products. I have turned Vizio into the Better Business Bureau. Like i said before you are crooks and will be out of business soon enough. I’m telling everyone i see not to buy your products for they are crap and so is the company.

  • john

    We have a 70in razor e series which falls under the recall. Black screen. Didn’t know about the recall and paid alot of money for this tv. Its expensive and would like it fixed or replaced please. Stand by your WORD! Thanks

  • Janice Rice

    Vizio has made me very disappointed. You walk through Samsclub and that’s all you see is Vizio TV’S!!! This recall should have been publicly available and now the toll free number does not work. I sent an email and hopefully someone will have the decency to reply from your company.

  • Carl Alexander

    Vizio VBR200W Blu Ray player is junk. The sound bar by Vizio that I purchased is less than stellar as well.

    The 2 TV’s I have purchased have had no problems but due to the fact that 1/2 of their products that I purchased no longer work, well, Vizio won’t be in future plans.

  • [email protected]

    Very good article. Vizio is a good brand, easy to service. The bad chip assembly…bad news..

  • Linda

    Same as many above, Vizio 55″ 3D model. Black Screen, powers on and off, like many paid big dollars for a TV that barely lasted 3 years. Will Never buy this brand again. As many people that have experienced this problem they should have recalled. What is their motive, make it last as long as the warranty, then have the consumer purchase another. Will not make the same costly mistake with this company.. Do not stand behind their product.

  • Pat pennington

    We bought a Vizio from Walmart we have just troubles out of it send it back one time but still no pic I think it time you all do something to make it right

  • Mary P.

    I bought a 55″ vizio on black Friday 2012. The tv has had minimal use and then when the tv was about 16 months old, it would not turn on, I have tried everything. The vizio emblem lights up, no sound or picture and after a few seconds it just powers back of. I plan on calling vizio in the morning., I noticed that the tv would attempt to power up their logo lit up but it had no sound or picture and after a few seconds would shut itself off.

  • Nicolas

    i will like to know where the ship defected are located? Main board? Power supply? T con? please some one can let me know where? the model TV is E601i-A3 the warranty have expired thank

  • toni ybanez

    Have a 32 in vizio tv that just purchased and it comes on for about 2-5 minutes before cutting off. How do i fix this problem with your recalls

  • Jack

    We bought a Vizio 60″ LED TV 240Hz at Nov. 23, 2013. It worked fine, but from last month it starts to turn off automatically, just like a sleep timer has been set. We called Costco then they sent a person to replace main control board and power board, but after watching it normally for 3 hours, it losses power again, if I turn on it again, the TV will turn off itself in about 2 minutes. I will call the technician to repair it again, but I think what he can do is just replacing the third board, I wonder if the TV can be repaired in this way. Any advices?

    Why don’t you ask Costco if they can refund the TV if the TV breaks down after the next repair attempt? It is not reasonable for repeated failures. If they won’t do it, we highly recommend you purchase from Costco their SquareTrade warranty which will extend yours from 2 years to 5 for just 99 dollars at Costco.

    HD Guru

  • disapointed

    Looks like they still have the issue bought Nov. 2013 or they still have problem 70 inch screen goes out still sound
    Thanks Visio and the retailers that knowing sell defective junk TV’s way to sock it to the consumer want us to buy new one every month now?

  • GiGi

    Vizio products are absolutely the worst products that I have ever encountered. After 22 months we have had to replace our tv due to many problem issues. Only 4 weeks after purchase the sound went out. A replacement was never even offered. After NUMEROUS calls back & forth a repair was offered. Six weeks later the tv was finally repaired. I can not stress enough to you, if you are considering a Vizio purchase, to choose another brand. I would hate another consumer to have such a negative experience.

  • Robert

    We got a e701i-a3 from rent a center on black friday and it had the problem with the video and then the sound started messing up the brought us a sony which had a problem there was a spot in the middle of the screen you could only see when you went to ondemand screen so they brought us a sceond vizio e701i-a3 and the screen is going black again ssn is lftrnxbp2700617 the only 2 characters that are different asre 6th and the 7th

  • Craig

    I bought the vizio 60″ last year.a few months ago I started having trouble with it.i couldn’t turn it off, or on at certain times.I had it replaced with no questions asked but now I’m having trouble again.This time the screen is going black!Im done with vizio.

  • Maha

    I just bought the 60-inch E601i-A3E on 11/29/13… 2 weeks ago from Walmart… the TV screen isn’t turning on and the sound isn’t there either, nothing at all is happening to the TV. We used several methods like unplugging the TV then pressing down the side button for 30 seconds etc. Still didn’t work. Help!

    The TV is obviously defective. Please check with Walmart if you are still in the return period. If yes, you need to decide if you want another Vizio or a refund for another TV, If you choose the Vizio we highly recommend an extended warranty from Walmart or other retailers. We highly recommend Square Trade from Costco online or Amazon as they are inexpensive and the company has an excellent reputation .

    HD Guru

  • Jon

    Eek…I bought one of the 60 inch Vizio’s with that serial number at last years Black Friday Sale… I dont use too often…probably not even 500 hrs yet…Its working now but Im worried it might cut out like you said…What do you recommend doing?

    Contact Vizio immediately using the phone number above . Once your 1 year warranty is up, you may be out of luck

    HD Guru

  • Dave

    Have a 47 ” Vizio and it has been with a balck screen which fades in and out. Vizio is aware of the problems yet chooss to not stand behind there product. So, in short I will not purchase any products with the Vizio name or any other affiliate after thorough research is done to weed out what I can.

  • Paul Ray studer

    I’M having the same problems sound but no video help

    Are you under warranty? Did you contact Vizio customer service? Have you tried a different source i.e. blu-ray player & a different HDMI cable and input?

    HD Guru

  • michelle

    I bought a 60 inch on black Friday and fell in love with the picture. Months passed and the TV started freezing, I will restart it and it will take a minute to come back on. On Oct. 10th the TV gave out. The picture was black. I went online and saw that they were having a recall. I called them up and they asked for the receipt and serial number and told me they were sending me a new one in 5 days.

  • Maureen

    We have a Vizio purchased with check on March 06, 2012. Just lately the picture has been flickering and finally went blank with no sound.
    I tried a new cord (HDMI) and a restart with no luck. Then I tried plugging the new cord into HDMI 4 and a restart and the TV played for about 10 minutes. Trying to do a restart and now I get the words NO SIGNAL floating around.
    What to do?

  • Daniel

    Do you know if a receipt or some sort of proof of purchase is required when attempting to have the defective TV replaced? I received mine as a gift and have a serial number that is bad, just want to see if I’m out of luck?


  • Robyn Lockner

    I also have a 55″ Vizio 3D LED TV purchased at Sam’s Club 27 months ago…1 yr. warranty is up, paid for it with a Visa, which the extra year is also up, and now am told I have to pay to have a board replaced because as stated in the 60 & 70″ recalls, the screen is black…no picture, no sound. Now I am expected to pay $275 for repairs on a TV I paid a pretty good penny for when it’s apparent there others having the same issues! Not happy with Vizio at all!!

  • mitch

    my Vizio 60 led smart tv just burned out this month. Turns out the bad chip was in my serial number and model so I called the number. They were very friendly and brought a new one to my house, set it up and took the old one at no charge to me. I purchased no extended warranty or anything and it was just 9 months old. excellent customer service. The people who complain of other problems after several years, well all technology dies at some time. Its like stupid people who try to return a pair of sneakers after wearing them for half a year and complain that they wore out. I highly recommend this company and will continue to buy their products.

    We are pleased Vizio replaced the defective TV with a new one. Readers have complained (and continue to complain) about their Vizios having problems shortly after the warranty expires and are told the cost of parts and labor exceeds replacement cost. We will be publishing an article later today on how buyers of new TVs can get extra protection very cheap.

    HD Guru

  • Olivier

    I bought a 47″ Vizio television on december 2012 and just today, when I turned it on, I noticed that the color black was replaced by vertical white lines. basically anywhere there would be shadow or darkness would be filled white lines. can wait o give them a piece of my mind.

  • dirtracen99

    I have a 32″ Vizio. Yes, I’ve had the tv almost 3 years BUT in the extra bedroom where it is very seldom on. Last night I started painting the room and thought I would turn it on, more for the noise than to start watching a program. It was playing fine when it came on but sometime in the next 5 minutes or so, I turned around to audio and a black screen. I went through all the usual things you do in a case like this. on and off half a dozen times. plug and unplug, shake it, try the dvd played . Nothing. Called Vizio today. They say to bad. Out of warranty. Call a local Vizio rep. Called and was on hold for 15 minutes with no answer so my suggestion is don’t buy a Vizio. I have a 13 year old 56″ Toshiba that has been in the shop 1 time. I was warned but I thought, Extra room, should last for years. Wrong!

  • Jamie

    I just bought a 60 inch Vizio this evening. It worked for about 3 minutes (the amount of time it took me to check everything I had connected, at which point I shut it off). I went to turn it back on a few hours later and there was no picture. Also, it wouldn’t shut off without pulling the power cord. I didn’t purchase the extended warranty, but I’m going to assume that the manufacturer’s warranty extends beyond the first 3 minutes.

    I did call them tonight for support on the matter. I was on hold for about 10 minutes. When 10pm rolled around, I was disconnected because their offices closed for the night.

    I plan on exchanging it for a different brand tomorrow morning.

  • Mabel

    I have a Vizio 55 inch and the screen goes black while the audio is still going. It’s the same problem described for the 60 and 70 inch units that got the recall. Any news about a recall for the 55 inch TVs? Any ideas on how to go about this?

    If the TV is under one year old, call Vizio customer service. If it is between one and two years and you paid with an American Express card or a MasterCard or a Signature Visa card, you have an extra year warranty. Check with the card company’s website for details.

    If neither, based on numerous consumer complaints, if you call Vizio they will tell you you should call a servicer to learn the cost of a repair.

    HD Guru

  • Josh

    Is there a way to find the serial without moving the tv? Mine is mounted to the wall and would hope there would be a way.


    AFAIK the only other place it appears is on the box it came in, if you still have it.

    HD Guru

  • Lamont Cranston

    Sorry chew, but I got MORE than I paid for.
    My 60 inch vizio lost its video due to the defective chip set which Vizio announced publicly.
    One phone call with absolutely no hassle and in 10 days I had a brand new set delivered to my house and set up by the delivery team. The used the packing to box up my defective set and in 30 minutes the deal was done.
    OUTSTANDING customer service!!!!!!!!

  • Sylvia Bradford

    Just great I have read what other people wrote and I’m not so sure I can be helped. My Vizio just doesn’t turn on anymore. And it’s not that old. What is old 3 yrs… or what.

  • Harry Black

    Our TV volume go up and down. It may stay at the same volume for 10 or 15 minutes or longer the it will either go up or down. I’ve tried different settings on the audio and factory setting works the best. TV was purchased at Sam’s 9/10. Model# E421VA. Any suggestions?

    You can contact a servicer and get an estimate for a repair. An alternative is to buy a soundbar and use it instead of the TV built-in speakers.

    HD Guru

  • chew

    To me Vizio tv’s are junk,you get what pay for.

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