New Broadcast TV System Might Be Coming Soon

May 8th, 2015 · 2160p, 3D HDTV, HDR, News, UHDTV


If all continues to move smoothly, the United States could see a new digital television broadcasting system in as little as five years, eventually bringing with it up to 8K resolution images, high-dynamic range, a wide color gamut, 3D video, 3D object-based immersive audio, interactivity and over-the-air broadcasting to mobile devices as well as the home.

And unlike the last digital transition, which took decades and billions of dollars to develop and implement, the next generation Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) 3.0 system should come about much more swiftly, and possibly rolling out on a market-by-market basis.

More on the ATSC 3.0 platform after the jump:

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Comcast To Bring 4K Service To Set-top Box

May 8th, 2015 · 2160p, DVR, HDMI, HDR, News, Streaming Services, UHD (4K) Media Players


Cable TV giant Comcast said it is about to take the next step into delivery of 4K Ultra HDTV, by rolling out later this year its Xi4 set-top box (pictured above, right) that will add Xfinity 4K UHD services for subscribers with supporting TVs.

The Cisco-made set-top box will bring to all subscribers the streaming service that first launched through an app on new Samsung 4K Ultra HDTVs late last year.

More on the Xi4 and Xfinity 4K UHD service after the break:

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Mounting Solutions For The Thin

May 5th, 2015 · 4K Flat Panel, 4K LED LCD, Curved Screen, OLED, Wireless HD

15 May 2006 --- Living Room with Grand Piano by Windows and Patio --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

It’s been a while since HD Guru has looked at the task of wall-mounting a flat-panel TV and in that time screen sizes have gotten a lot thinner and generally larger, so, it was high time to take another look.

What’s significantly different this year from previous years is panel depth. Sony, LG, Samsung and others have revealed a few new sets for 2015 with unbelievably thin panel depths – well under an inch in some cases – making the TVs both lighter and more visually appealing.

The idea behind some of these designs is to give the set a low profile while mounted to the wall, so the TV and its narrow-bezel (frame) around the screen appear as a picture floating in space. Well, if you squint your eyes after a few cocktails, maybe.

More on thin-screen TV wall mounting after the jump:

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Closeouts on Remaining 2014 4K UHD and HDTV Models Can Save You Thousands + the First Price Breaks on the 2015s

May 3rd, 2015 · 2160p, 3D UHDTV, 4K Curved Screeen, 4K Flat Panel, Connected TVs, Curved Screen, LED LCD Flat Panels, News, OLED, UHD (4K) Media Players, UHD 4K OLED, UHDTV

This Weeks Hot Deals


This week marks the point when the final closeouts prices are appearing on the remainder of 2014 4K UHD and HDTV models, with savings up to 66% off retail.

In addition, the 2015s dealer inventories are beginning to build, resulting in the first discounts (in the form of instant rebates) on the latest 4K UHD TVs from Samsung and LG. For convenience we’ve made it a separate section.

Readers should be aware that except the best 2015 4K UHD models from Sony and Samsung (which are capable of high dynamic range called HDR), there are few differences from the 2014 versions of most 2014 UHD TVs, (basically slightly faster Smart functions and in one LG model a potentially wider color gamut).

An example the LG Electronics 2014 65UB9500 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D LED TV (2014 Model) is now $2199.99, while the very similar 2015 LG Electronics 65UF9500 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D LED TV is currently selling for  $3999.99. For the $1800 price difference you will get faster Smart functions and  somewhat wider color gamut .

The list begins after the break:

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Yamaha Rolls Out HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2 A/V Receiver

April 29th, 2015 · 2160p, Audio, HDMI, News, Sound Systems, Surround Sound, Surround Sound Systems, UHDTV


Yamaha introduced Tuesday its first A/V receiver offering 4K Ultra HD video pass-through with support for the HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 connection and copy protection standards.

Model RX-V379 (available in May at a $299.99 suggested retail price), which is the new entry level model to the RX-V receiver line, supports 5.1-channel surround and is capable of accepting copy projected 4K Ultra HD signals and passing them on to a  4K UHD television over an HDMI 2.0/HCDP 2.2 output.

Other features include: Bluetooth support for wireless music streaming from smartphones and other devices, and support for Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio format decoding.

More on the RX-V379 after the break:

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Ready For That HDR-Ready Home Theater? Hold On

April 23rd, 2015 · 4K Flat Panel, Blu-ray Titles, Connected TVs, HDMI, HDR, LCD Flat Panel, LED LCD Flat Panels, News, Sound Systems, Surround Sound Systems, UHD (4K) Media Players, UHDTV, Video Processors


From the hurry- up and-wait department: a recent HDMI 2.0a spec. extension, which supports metadata for high- dynamic range (HDR)-encoded 4K Ultra HD video passed over HDMI connectors may not be as seamlessly updatable as generally expected for some home theater components.

Jeff Park, senior technical specifications manager for the HDMI LLC, told HD Guru that whether or not new HDMI 2.0-enabled A/V receivers, media players or HDR-enabled televisions already in the market can be updated with a simple firmware download or more extensive hardware changes, is “solely dependent on the manufacturer and their system design. The HDMI specification never defines upgradability criteria.”

More on the status of HDMI 2.0a upgrading after the break:

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Pentax Unveils K-3 II DSLR with 1080 60i/30p Video

April 22nd, 2015 · Digital Camera/Camcorder, News


Ricoh’s Pentax brand introduced Wednesday the next version of its ruggedly designed K-3 DSLR that adds the ability to capture Full HD 1080 30p/60i video.

The Pentax K-3II DSLR, which will be available in May at a $1,099.95 suggested retail price, features a 24.3 “effective megapixel” (24.71 native MP) APS-C sized CMOS image sensor. The camera further sharpens image details by omitting a low-pass filter.

More on the K-3 II features and specs after the break:

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Review: Sony XBR-X950B Series 4K Ultra HD TV

April 21st, 2015 · 4K Flat Panel, 4K LED LCD, Connected TVs, LCD Flat Panel, LED LCD Flat Panels, Product Reviews, Review, UHDTV



The 65-inch Sony XBR-X950B series 4K Ultra HD TV ($5,998 unilateral pricing policy) delivers unmatched brightness, superb picture contrast, and admirably accurate color with a little fine-tuning. The X950B earns the company’s ‘flagship’ moniker on performance alone, and this TV sets the bar for image quality comparisons with the best displays of 2015.

Read more about the Sony XBR-X950B after the break:

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