Big LCD TV Prices Could Fall As TCL Adds Gen 11 Plant

May 19th, 2016 · 2160p, 4K Flat Panel, 4K LED LCD, Full HD 1080p, LCD Flat Panel, LED LCD Flat Panels, News, UHDTV


Pricing for large-screen TVs measuring 65 inches and up could start to drop in a big way in the near future as Asia-Pacific-based TV manufacturers continue to expand production capacity for large LCD panels.

On Thursday, China-based TV maker TCL said that it will build a Gen 11 LCD panel factory,  the world’s largest, in Shenzhen, China to expand its supply of large-screen TVs measuring 65 inches and bigger.

The news followed the takeover of Japan’s Sharp last February by Taipei-based Foxconn, a major original design manufacturer. Sharp has significant assets in LCD panel production, including a large-screen Gen. 10 LCD panel plant. Sharp also produces heavy volumes of IGZO LCD panels used in mobile devices.

Other Asia-Pacific-based manufacturers, including China’s BOE Technology, have been expanding LCD panel production at a significant rate as well.

TCL said its subsidiary China Star (CSOT) will begin construction of its new $7.8 billion panel factory shortly.

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Philips Ultra HD Blu-ray Players To Hit Stores Next Month

May 18th, 2016 · 2160p, 3D Blu-ray player, 3D UHDTV, Blu-ray Discs, Blu-ray Players, Connected TVs, Digital Media Receivers, DVD Players, HDMI, HDR, News, Streaming Services, Surround Sound, Surround Sound Systems, UHD (4K) Media Players, UHDTV


Philips is planning to release next month two versions of the Ultra HD Blu-ray player it originally unveiled at CES 2016 last January.

The brand, which is licensed and managed in North America by P&F USA for Blu-ray players, TVs and certain home theater products, will offer two players differentiated by cosmetic appearance. Both will carry $399 suggested retail prices.

The BDP7501 (pictured at top) will come with a real brushed aluminum finish and the BDP7301 will come in a gloss piano black finish. Both models have a squarish ultra-compact design with a small foot print for easy placement among other AV components.

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Mohu ReLeaf Antenna Recycles Cable Boxes To Help Cut The Cord

May 17th, 2016 · Cable TV, Connected TVs, Full HD 1080p, News, Streaming Services, UHDTV


Over-the-air TV antenna manufacturer Mohu celebrated International Recycling Day Tuesday by launching the Mohu ReLeaf, which is billed as the industry’s first HDTV antenna made from discarded cable set-top boxes and post-consumer recycled paper.

Mohu said the $49.95 suggested retail ($39.95 if purchased on May 17th / Recycling Day) antenna was designed for Eco-conscious consumers who are also looking to save money by using products made from recycled materials when they cut the cable.

“The ReLeaf was created to counteract the tremendous cable byproduct and energy waste damaging the planet every year,” the company said.

Mohu would obviously encourage consumers to also cut the cable cord by using its OTA antennas to receive free off-air broadcast stations as a supplement to fare available via over the top (OTT) streaming video services.

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Yamaha Unveils 4K/HDR-Supporting Aventage Receiver Lineup

May 17th, 2016 · 2160p, Audio, HDMI, HDR, News, Sound Systems, Surround Sound, Surround Sound Systems, UHDTV, Video Processors, Wireless Audio


Yamaha unveiled the next generation of its premium Aventage network AV receivers, which now support both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-based surround decoding out of the box in all six 2016 models, as well as 4K Ultra HD with HDR streaming via HDMI 2.0a/HDCP 2.2 inputs.

The company said it developed the series with the level of craftsmanship that Yamaha has used in developing its lines of musical instruments.

All models will pass through the latest 4K/HDR video signals over HDMI 2.0a/HDCP inputs and outputs. These will support up to: 3840×2160 resolution; 4:4:4 chroma subsampling; up to 60Hz frame rates; 12-bit color and HDR metadata.

The entry model (RX-A660) this year begins at a $649.95 suggested retail with the top of the line model offered at $2,199.95. Step-up models in the series starting at $1,699 feature 9.2-channel amplification with Dolby Atmos/DTS:X processing. This enables object-based surround sound-speaker configurations of 5.1.4 and 7.1.2.

The flagship RX-A3060, which carries a $2,199 suggested retail, features 9.2-channel amplification with 11.2-channel processing and, with the addition of an outboard two-channel amp, will drive speaker configurations up to 7.1.4.

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LG Spinoff Launches Acanvas Cordless Full HD Digital Frame Business

May 16th, 2016 · Connected TVs, Digital Media Receivers, Full HD 1080p, LCD Flat Panel, LED LCD Flat Panels, News, Streaming Services, Wireless HD


LG Electronics said Monday that it is spinning off a wireless art initiative developed through its “open innovation” strategy and incubated in house using LG’s self-charging digital picture frame technology.

LG said the new Acanvas project will be managed completely by former LG employees, who will be responsible for their own fundraising. Acanvas will leverage an art streaming platform containing millions of licensed works of art displayed in Full HD customizable digital frames with no visible cords. Images can be delivered directly to the walls of customers through a simple iOS or Android smartphone app.

Acanvas said it just started a Kickstarter campaign last week to fund the completion of the technology development and begin commercial operations. Acanvas is initially targeting North America with plans to expand to other markets next year. LG is providing use of its patented technology.

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Denon Adds Pair Of 4K/HDR-Ready X Series AVRs

May 12th, 2016 · 2160p, HDMI, HDR, News, Sound Systems, Streaming Services, Surround Sound, Surround Sound Systems, UHDTV, Video Processors, Wireless Audio


Denon this week introduced two new network AV receivers to its mid-range X-series line, both of which are ready to connect to the latest cutting-edge 4K Ultra HD/HDR source components and video displays.

Both the new Denon models AVR-X1300W ($599 expected retail) and AVR-X2300W ($799) will be available with leading retailers this month, are compatible with the Dolby Atmos object-based surround sound format, and will be similarly compatible with the rival DTS:X format after a forthcoming firmware update.

Both of the X Series AVR’s offer easy set-up, control, and energy efficiency using the Denon Setup Assistant. Room calibration is made easy using the Audyssey MultEQ XT automatic room acoustic measurement and correction system that matches the installed speakers to the individual room’s acoustics, for an optimal natural tonal balance. Audyssey Dynamic Volume provides real-time volume adjustment, while Audyssey Dynamic EQ improves a system’s surround sound effects at low volume levels.

Both models can be controlled via the Denon 2016 AVR Remote App available on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices. Also included in both models is a smart ECO mode that automatically saves electricity consumption without diminishing overall performance.

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LG Jumps Into LTE Action Cam Business Offering Up To 4K Resolution

May 12th, 2016 · 2160p, Digital Camera/Camcorder, Digital Cameras, Full HD 1080p, News, UHDTV


LG Electronics has long made high-performing still and video cameras as part of its smartphone offerings, but it pretty much left the dedicated action camera market for others. That’s changing today following the announcement out of Seoul that it has introduced a new “action camera” as part of its “Friend” ecosystem of products with built-in LTE connectivity.

The LG Action CAMLTE was designed to let users take up to 4K Ultra HD/30p videos and can even live stream up to HD-quality video from almost anywhere in the world directly to sites including YouTube Live without the need of a smartphone.

LG said its LG Action CAMLTE will launch in South Korea next month followed by rollouts in key markets worldwide, including North America and Europe.

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Ultra HD Blu-ray Heads Up: Handshakes Can Cause Headaches

May 11th, 2016 · 2160p, Blu-ray Discs, Blu-ray Players, Blu-ray Titles, Connected TVs, HDMI, HDR, News, UHDTV


Chalk this up to new tech growing pains, and take it as a heads-up to early Ultra HD Blu-ray  and 4K TV adopters: Recently, HD Guru received a letter from a distressed reader who had purchased Samsung’s UHD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player to go with a new Philips (U.K. version 49PUS7809/12) 4K Ultra HD TV.

After connecting the 4K Ultra HD player to the TV and inserting a new 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc (The Martian from Twentieth Century Fox) into the player, an image appeared on screen identified as “1080p resolution” by the television set’s signal information readout.

Confused and understandably annoyed that he wasn’t getting the picture he had paid for, the reader said he tried to manually force the resolution up to the 2160p setting (automatic is the default) with the K8500’s resolution controls but got a blank screen.

Now frustrated, the reader, who is in England, contacted Philips’ U.K. tech support and found little help. The set was said to be fully capable of playing 2160p up to 30fps. The player was set to output 24p, which should have been fine.

A litany of potential problems was discussed including: type and length of HDMI cable used and chroma sub sampling output on the Samsung UHD-K8500 player. Philips’ tech support advised that the chroma sub sampling had to be “set properly on the engineer’s menu” to output 4:2:0. Seeing as the base specifications for the Ultra HD Blu-ray calls for 4:2:0, that was not very likely the problem.

Read more of the Ultra HD Blu-ray growing pains issue after the jump:

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