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4K UHD TV and HDTV Deals

December 14th, 2014 · No Comments · 2160p, 3D HDTV, 4K Flat Panel, 4K LED LCD, Connected TVs, Curved Screen, LED LCD Flat Panels, News, OLED

We are pleased this wee number of TVs are a Black Friday prices. In addition, Amazon is offering 10% Rewards on a number of top brand models. We’ve marked the ones or you can see the list  of the 27 models here. With less than two weeks until Christmas, we have begun to see low […]

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Awesome HDTVs to Buy Today

December 4th, 2014 · No Comments · 3D HDTV, LCD Flat Panel, LED LCD Flat Panels, OLED, Uncategorized

OK, so you’re pretty sure you don’t need a 4K TV. Maybe you’re just looking for something inexpensive. Or big and inexpensive. Or maybe you’re looking for the best looking TV you can buy. If any of those things is true, this is the TV list for you. 1080p TVs at a bunch of prices […]

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When Will the Best Buy Doorbusters go on Sale Online?

November 27th, 2014 · No Comments · 3D UHDTV, 4K Flat Panel, 4K LED LCD, Connected TVs, Curved Screen, News

We asked our Best Buy spokesman, “At what time will the online Thursday Doorbusters go on sale online?” His response: After midnight eastern time, but sometime during the night. We have confirmed it is not 12:00:01 Thursday eastern time. Our best bet is 1:00:01 am eastern time, but it may be later, perhaps 3:00:01 am […]

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The 5 Best HDTV/UHDTV Black Friday Week Deals for Under $800

November 24th, 2014 · No Comments · 2160p, 3D HDTV, 4K LED LCD, LED LCD Flat Panels, News, UHDTV

Here’s our shortlist of 2014’s best $800-and-under 1080p and 2160p (“4K”) televisions. With analyst predictions of positive holiday sales, the TV companies want to sell as many units as possible by lowering the prices on their high quality models. Note: Due to both supply and demand and the temporary nature of TV manufacturer incentives, the prices […]

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Pre-Order a Samsung Black Friday 4K UHD or HDTV Deal Now From Amazon

November 18th, 2014 · 2 Comments · 2160p, 3D HDTV, 4K Curved Screeen, 4K Flat Panel, 4K LED LCD, Connected TVs, Curved Screen, LED LCD Flat Panels, News, Sound Bars

Updated 11/20/14 Additional 4K UHDTVs  Listed   Amazon is now taking pre-orders on Samsung 4K UHD TVs and HDTVs at their upcoming Black Friday prices. The deals great, with savings up to 63% off! Samsung 4K UHD deals start at $598, or you can have a 55-inch 120 Hz Smart LED LCD HDTV for that […]

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How To Get the Best Buy Black Friday TV Sale Prices Without Leaving Home

November 13th, 2014 · 1 Comment · 3D HDTV, 4K Flat Panel, 4K LED LCD, Connected TVs, News, Uncategorized

This year Best Buy is starting its Black Friday (BF) deals at 5PM on Thanksgiving. The HDTVs and 4K UHDTVs on sale fall into three categories: house brands, derivative products from major TV brands (exclusive to Best Buy), and regular name brand TVs (i.e. Samsung, LG, Sony). The name brands are under Unilaterial Price Program […]

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Sears Black Friday 4K UHD and HDTV Deals Revealed

November 7th, 2014 · 1 Comment · 2160p, 3D UHDTV, 4K LED LCD, Connected TVs, News, UHDTV

Sears 64 page circular leaked onto the Internet this week by bfads and others. We have confirmed the  prices are accurate. The TV deals fall into two categories, Chinese product sold by Upstar, Seikei and (under a license agreement the once name brand) RCA. The second group are name brand TVs by Samsung and Sharp. […]

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Sony XBR-65X900B Series 4K Ultra HDTV Review

October 6th, 2014 · 3 Comments · 2160p, 3D HDTV, 4K Flat Panel, Connected TVs, LED LCD Flat Panels, UHDTV

The Sony XBR65X900B  Series 4K Ultra HD TV delights the senses with exquisite aesthetics, superior picture quality, and a built-in gaming experience that doesn’t suck. Even the audio quality, so often an afterthought with modern LCD televisions, shows Sony expresses its engineering creativity by crafting a television that delivers reference quality imagery plus audio reproduction […]

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