Paramount Releases Blu-ray Disc Titles With DTS:X Sound

July 22nd, 2016 · Audio, Blu-ray Discs, Blu-ray Players, Blu-ray Titles, Full HD 1080p, News, Sound Bars, Sound Systems, Surround Sound, Surround Sound Systems


DTS, developer of high definition surround sound solutions, said that the first Paramount Home Media Distribution Blu-ray Disc titles with support for DTS:X are now hitting store shelves.

DTS:X is an object-based surround format offering height channels to create one of the most immersive surround sound experiences available for the home.

The first titles will include: Daddy’s Home, starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Farrell; The Big Short, starring Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt; Zoolander No. 2, starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson; and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, starring Tina Fey and Margot Robbie.

DTS:X audio technology was designed to accurately convey the fluid movement of sound to create a richer soundscape. DTS:X technology adapts to the speaker layout to home theater room by seamlessly transporting sound to and through specific locations within the viewing environment – in front of, behind, above and beside the audience.

Read more about Paramount’s DTS:X supporting Blu-ray Disc releases after the jump:

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Sony Pictures Technology Head: For HDR ‘One Size Doesn’t Fit All’

July 22nd, 2016 · 2160p, 4K Flat Panel, 4K LED LCD, Blu-ray Discs, Blu-ray Players, Blu-ray Titles, Connected TVs, Full Array LED Backlit with Local Dimming, HDR, LCD Flat Panel, LED LCD Flat Panels, News, Streaming Services, UHDTV

         Bill Baggelaar, Sony Pictures Technology Senior VP, stands next to a new Sony XBR-100Z9D .

In introducing its new flagship Z9D XBR line of 4K Ultra HD TVs this week Sony had Bill Baggelaar, Sony Pictures technology senior VP, tell members of the media about how aggressively the studio is working with its Sony Electronics sister company on ensuring the new 4K Ultra HD and high dynamic range [HDR] displays coming to market get the content needed to make use of all of the new available features.

Sony Pictures already has started to amass a catalog of 4K Ultra HD movies with HDR for both streaming distribution and Ultra HD Blu-ray disc, with more on the way, both in new box office releases and back catalog favorites from the Sony Pictures (Columbia) vault.

Sony Electronics still has not announced definitive availability dates on an Ultra HD Blu-ray player of its own, although it is widely speculated that the forthcoming PlayStation 4.5  console from the company’s gaming division will support it when it eventually arrives.

Sony Electronics President Mike Fasulo said the company still plans to have an Ultra HD Blu-ray player on the market by the end of the year, but qualified that by adding that Sony’s forward-looking statements reference fiscal years, which end March 31st.

It also should be pointed out that Sony’s newly announced XBR Z9D 4K Ultra HD full-array LED LCD TVs support the HDR-10 format, and not the Dolby Vision HDR format, although Sony Pictures has already started mastering content for the home in both HDR-10 and Dolby Vision.

Meanwhile, Baggelaar said that Sony Pictures is focused on ensuring that “we get the best content out to the consumers as soon a possible.”

Read more of Baggelaar’s comments on the state of 4K Ultra HD content from Sony Pictures after the jump:

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Sony Unveils 4K Ultra HDTV With Full Array Backlighting On Steroids

July 21st, 2016 · 2160p, 4K Flat Panel, 4K LED LCD, Full Array LED Backlit with Local Dimming, HDR, LCD Flat Panel, News, Streaming Services, UHDTV, Video Processors

                            Sony Electronics President Mike Fasulo with a new Z9D 4K Ultra HDTV.

Sony Electronics Wednesday put Samsung and LG on notice that there is a new technology contender for the top-performing 4K Ultra HDTV crown.

The company formally unveiled its new Z9D Series TVs, which are said to incorporate an LED LCD backlighting technology that equates to full-array with local dimming on steroids.

The new TVs will be hitting floors of specialty A/V dealers and key consumer electronics chains later this summer. The 65-inch and 75-inch models are available for pre-order now on Amazon. The sets will incorporate two key new advances that produce 4K Ultra HD pictures with both deep black levels and bright peak luminance levels at the same time, supporting premium high dynamic range (HDR), a wide color gamut and up to 60 Hz frame rates.

The latest advancements include a Sony 4K HDR processor called X1 Extreme that adds a 40 percent performance boost over the company’s previous X1 chip, and will add brightness to select areas of the screen by taking energy from darker sections and reassigning it to areas where it is needed in the picture.

The other key new advancement is called Backlight Master Drive, which was briefly previewed at CES last January. Controlled by the X1 Extreme processor, its primary benefit is the ability to adjust dimming and brightness discretely to each LED positioned across the back plane of the LCD screen, producing more accurate black levels with greater visible detail and color in highlighted areas than other previous full- array backlighting approaches, Sony said.

The Z9D models will include a 65-inch ($6,999 suggested retail), a 75-inch ($9,999) and a 100-inch model (pricing to be announced closer to the delivery time). The sets are being positioned against Samsung’s KS9800 series ($4,497.99 for a 65-inch) full array LED 4K Ultra HDTVs and LG’s G6 Signature Series of high-design and high-performance 4K Ultra HD OLED displays (ringing in at almost $8,000 for a 65 inch model).

Read more on Sony’s Z9D 4K Ultra HDTV with HDR series after the jump:

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Study: Interest Builds For OTT 4K Olympics Coverage

July 19th, 2016 · 2160p, 4K Flat Panel, 4K LED LCD, Cable TV, Connected TVs, Digital Media Receivers, News, Streaming Services, UHD (4K) Media Players, UHDTV


Almost one third of Americans (31 percent) would like to watch the Olympics on Netflix if it were available, a new study conducted for Snell Advanced Media (SAM) said Tuesday.

Still, more than half of Americans (56 percent) will watch at home via their live cable or satellite TV this year.

As a result of this openness to new technology platforms, SAM is advocating broadcasters begin to leverage new technologies and formats such as 4K and HDR content to capture greater viewership of major events like the Olympic games.

Read more on the 4K Olympics survey findings after the jump:

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Hisense Ships Sharp 75″ 4K Ultra HD LED LCD TV

July 18th, 2016 · 2160p, 4K Flat Panel, 4K LED LCD, Connected TVs, HDMI, HDR, LCD Flat Panel, LED LCD Flat Panels, News, Streaming Services, Surround Sound, UHD (4K) Media Players, UHDTV


Hisense revealed Monday that its Sharp Aquos-branded 75-inch LC-75N8000 4K smart TV is now shipping to retailers offering 4K Ultra HD resolution and support for high dynamic range (HDR).

The LC-75N8000U, which carries a $3,199.99 suggested retail price, is an edge-lit LED LCD TV with multi-zone local dimming and support for a wide color gamut. Other features include: AquoMotion motion smoothing technology based on backlight scanning methodology developed by Sharp.

Also included in the model is Sharp’s Revelation upscaler that enhances lower resolution content for display on the 4K Ultra HD screen.

Sound is enhanced using dbx-TV, which offers an immersive entertainment experience through a suite of audio enhancements.

Read more on the Sharp Aquos LC-75N8000 after the jump:

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Review: Samsung UN65KS9800 Raises The Bar On HDR

July 18th, 2016 · 2160p, 4K Curved Screeen, 4K Flat Panel, 4K LED LCD, Amazon, Connected TVs, Full Array LED Backlit with Local Dimming, HDR, UHDTV


We finally got our hands on one of Samsung’s 2016 flagship 4K Ultra HDTVs in the KS9800 series and what we found was as impressive as we expected. In fact, so far, it stands as the best of the 2016 4K Ultra HDTVs we’ve reviewed to date.

We recently tested Samsung’s 65-inch top-of-the-line edge-lit LED 4K Ultra HDTV in the KS9500 series (a $3,597.99 street retail model), and found that to be one of the best performing TVs for high dynamic range (HDR) we had yet seen. Now, it’s been pushed down a spot.

The equivalently sized UN65KS9800 ($4,497.99 street retail) takes all of that performance and goes one step better by placing LEDs in a series of zones all across the back plane of the LCD. This provides a localized source of lighting control that allows almost entirely shutting off light to groups of LEDs in a zone to create nearly perfect blacks in specific areas of the picture. This is better than using edge-lit LED lighting, which although less expensive to produce, must project lighting from the edge of the screen inward across the back of the LCD, offering less precise lighting control to specific areas of the image.

When used with HDR, FALD displays, like the KS9800, also enable a boost in peak luminance that well exceeded 1,000 nits to produce some of the most engaging spectral and specular highlights we’ve seen yet, while still keeping black levels deep and dark without losing shadow detail.

The UN65KS9800 is part of Samsung’s SUHD class of 4K Ultra HDTVs that incorporate quantum-dot technology to deliver a benchmark standard for wide color gamut performance, in addition to helping boost luminance to achieve the aforementioned brightness levels of HDR. The UN65KS9800 conforms to the Ultra HD Alliance’s Ultra HD Premium certification standards and carries the organization’s premium logo.

The use of FALD back lighting helps the TV compete favorably with LG’s top-performing 4K OLED TVs that have even richer, deeper black levels (albeit with some dark detail crushing), although somewhat dimmer peak luminance levels, and significantly higher per-inch prices than comparable Samsung SUHD TVs.

Read more of our review of the Samsung UN65KS9800 after the jump:

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Yamaha Adds Blu-ray Players With 4K Up Conversion, SACD Support

July 14th, 2016 · 3D Blu-ray player, 3D HDTV, Audio, Blu-ray Discs, Blu-ray Players, Full HD 1080p, News, Surround Sound, Video Processors

                                                                   Yamaha Aventage BD-A1060

Yamaha introduced this week a pair of Full HD Blu-ray players including its BD-S681 and premium Aventage BD-A1060 models, offering 3D playback, 4K Ultra HD up conversion, and compatibility with high-resolution audio formats.

The Yamaha BD-S681, carrying a $329.95 suggested retail, and Aventage BD-A1060, carrying a $549.95 suggested retail, will be available later this month offering high-quality audio reproduction in addition to clear Full HD and up-converted 4K video images.

Both players also have built-in Wi-Fi networking to access BD Live extra features on supporting Blu-ray Discs. In addition, a Wi-Fi Direct feature allows the streaming of music directly from a mobile device to the player for viewing on a TV.

Both players offer support for a wide range of disc formats including: full HD Blu-ray Discs, 3D Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, SACDs and standard audio CDs, among others.

Read more on the Yamaha BD-S681 and Aventage BD-A1060 after the jump:

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Samsung Unveils High-Design 4K/HDR SERIF TV

July 14th, 2016 · 2160p, 4K Flat Panel, 4K LED LCD, Connected TVs, HDR, LCD Flat Panel, LED LCD Flat Panels, News, UHDTV


Samsung said this week that it will be making its new design-centric SERIF TV available for sale in the United States.

The 40-inch LED/LCD TV, which was designed by the Parisian design duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, is said to “redefine the television experience through its minimal yet solid exterior form and refined user interface.”

The Samsung UN40LS001AFXZA/UN40LS001CFXZA SERIF TV model (in white or blue colors), carries a $1,499 suggested retail price each, and is available for presale now on and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MoMA) Design Store.

In an unusual distribution expansion, Samsung said the TV also will be available in August at high-end design-centric retailers including Vitra, Bo Concept NY and Ligne Roset stores in major markets.

The TV will be offered in white across all retail partners and in blue, exclusively through the MOMA Design Store and on

Read more about Samsung’s SERIF TV high fashion 4K display after the jump:

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